Large-flowered short-styled grevillea (Grevillea brachystylis subsp. grandis), listed as threatened in 2002. Photo – DBCA

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 native plants (flora) can be Specially Protected, listed as Threatened (Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable) or Extinct in Western Australia.

The Ministerial Guidelines provide further details on the criteria and procedures that apply.

Threatened and priority flora list

Threatened flora listings are reviewed annually. The Threatened Species Scientific Committee reviews recommended changes. The public can submit nominations to add to (or delete from) the Threatened Flora List.

Changes to the Priority Flora List do not require a nomination form and are reviewed throughout the year. Suggested changes can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To find the current priority flora listing:

    1. Search the Western Australian Flora in FloraBase
    2. Select the priority under Conservation Code.

Data for threatened flora can be requested from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information on data searches is available on the Threatened Species and Communities page.

Flora may also be listed as threatened under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation.

Threatened and priority flora report form

This is one of the main tools for monitoring threatened plants in Western Australia. 

You also need to complete this form as a condition of some flora licences and Threatened Flora Authorisations.

Licences are required for the taking of native wildlife (plants and animals) in Western Australia.

Please refer to the Western Australian Herbarium to lodge plant specimens for their collection—do not use this form.

Submitting a threatened and priority flora (plant) report form

Send report forms to:

Species and Communities Program
Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Locked Bag 104,
Bentley Delivery Centre WA 6983

or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recovery plans and interim recovery plans for Western Australian plants

General information regarding recovery plans and interim recovery plans for Western Australian threatened species and communities can be found on the Threatened Species and Communities page. Any draft plans that are open for public comment will also be found at Threatened Species and Communities.

pdfAcacia cochlocarpa subsp. velutinosa283.65 KB Velvety spiral pod wattle
pdfAcacia aprica413.67 KB Blunt wattle
pdfAcacia ataxiphylla subsp. magna311.66 KB Large-fruited Tammin wattle
pdfAcacia auratiflora444.8 KB Orange-flowered wattle
pdfAcacia awestoniana508.8 KB Stirling Range wattle
pdfAcacia chapmanii subsp. australis553.89 KB  
pdfAcacia cochlocarpa subsp.cochlocarpa443.08 KB Spiral-fruited wattle
pdfAcacia imitans261.39 KB Gibson wattle
pdfAcacia insolita subsp. recurva210.6 KB Yornaning wattle
pdfAcacia lanuginophylla327.22 KB Woolly wattle
pdfAcacia leptalea158.27 KB Chinocup wattle
pdfAcacia leptoneura443.52 KB  
pdfAcacia lobulata185.43 KB Chiddarcooping wattle
pdfAcacia pharangites178.73 KB Wongan Gully wattle
pdfAcacia pygmaea354.25 KB Dwarf rock wattle
pdfAcacia rhamphophylla345.92 KB Kundip wattle
pdfAcacia sciophanes459.93 KB Wundowlin wattle
pdfAcacia splendens375.53 KB Dandaragan wattle
pdfAcacia subflexuosa subsp. capillata269.87 KB Hairy-stemmed zig-zag wattle
pdfAcacia unguicula370.4 KB Nyingarn wattle
pdfAcacia vassalii 478.05 KB Vassal's wattle
pdfAcacia volubilis290.25 KB Tangled wattle
pdfAcacia wilsonii715.31 KB Wilson’s wattle
pdfAcacia woodmaniorum631.88 KB Woodman's wattle
pdfAdenanthos eyrei142.66 KB Toolinna adenanthos
pdfAdenanthos dobagii6.66 MB Fitzgerald Woollybush
pdfAdenanthos ellipticus6.66 MB Oval-leaved Adenanthos
pdfAdenanthos pungens subsp. effusus261.89 KB Sprawling spiky adenanthos
pdfAndersonia annelsii394.32 KB  
pdfAndersonia axilliflora399.89 KB Giant Andersonia
pdfAndersonia gracilis428.11 KB Slender Andersonia
pdfAndrocalva adenothalia (formerly Commersonia adenothalia)659.89 KB  
pdfAndrocalva bivillosa287.37 KB Straggling Androcalva
pdfAndrocalva perlaria1.23 MB Pearl-like Androcalva
pdfAnigozanthos bicolor subsp. minor262.37 KB Small two colour kangaroo paw
pdfAustrostipa bronwenae383.04 KB  
pdfAustrostipa jacobsiana442.86 KB  
pdfBanksia anatona (formerly Dryandra anatona)529.79 KB
Butterfly-leaved gastrolobium
pdfBanksia brownii432.3 KB Feather-leaved Banksia
pdfBanksia cuneata224.92 KB Matchstick Banksia
pdfBanksia fuscobractea344.85 KB  
pdfBanksia ionthocarpa subsp. chrysophoenix (formerly Dryandra ionthocarpa subsp. chrysophoenix)237.66 KB  
pdfBanksia ionthocarpa subsp. ionthocarpa (formerly Dryandra ionthocarpa subsp. ionthocarpa)269.21 KB Kamballup Banksia
pdfBanksia montana (formerly Dryandra montana)345.16 KB Stirling Range Banksia
pdfBanksia nivea subsp. uliginosa267.88 KB Swamp honeypot
pdfBanksia oligantha278.22 KB Wagin Banksia
pdfBanksia pseudoplumosa418.15 KB False Plumed-Banksia
pdfBanksia serratuloides subsp. perissa251.49 KB Northern Serrate Banksia
pdfBanksia squarrosa subsp. argillacea (formerly Dryandra squarrosa subsp. argillacea)342.76 KB Whicher Range Banksia
pdfBanksia verticillata388.43 KB Granite Banksia
pdfBeyeria cockertonii6.66 MB  
pdfBeyeria lepidopetala178.75 KB Small-petalled beyeria
pdfBoronia clavata6.66 MB Bremer Boronia
pdfBoronia exilis283.98 KB Scott River boronia
pdfBrachyscias verecundus339.84 KB Ironstone brachyscias
pdfCaladenia bryceana subsp. bryceana530.55 KB Dwarf spider orchid
pdfCaladenia busselliana224.03 KB Bussell's spider orchid
pdfCaladenia caesarea subsp. maritima211.11 KB Cape spider orchid
pdfCaladenia drakeoides332.62 KB Hinged dragon orchid
pdfCaladenia elegans346.56 KB Elegant spider orchid
pdfCaladenia graniticola (formerly Caladenia hoffmanii subsp. graniticola)379.51 KB Granite Spider orchid
pdfCaladenia granitora394.64 KB Granite Spider orchid
pdfCaladenia huegelii388.14 KB Grand Spider orchid
pdfCaladenia leucochila297.69 KB Collie Spider Orchid
pdfCaladenia lodgeana362.98 KB Lodge's Spider orchid
pdfCaladenia luteola411.06 KB Lemon Spider orchid
pdfCaladenia melanema166.12 KB Ballerina orchid
pdfCaladenia procera697.87 KB Carbanup king spider orchid
pdfCaladenia hopperiana488.94 KB (K. Smith & P. Johns 231) Boddington Spider Orchid
pdfCaladenia viridescens229.36 KB Dunsborough spider orchid
pdfCaladenia williamsiae145.73 KB Williams' spider orchid
pdfCaladenia winfieldii437.13 KB Majestic spider orchid
pdfCalectasia cyanea147.69 KB Cape tinsel lilly
pdfCalochilus pruinosus615.2 KB Hopetoun Beard Orchid
pdfCalytrix breviseta susp. breviseta520.45 KB Swamp starflower
pdfChamelaucium sp. Gingin (N.G. Marchant 6) (formerly Chamelaucium lullfitzii ms)391.65 KB Gingin wax
pdfChordifex abortivus316.63 KB Manypeaks rush
pdfChorizema humile439.45 KB Prostrate flame pea
pdfCommersonia apella602.75 KB Many-flowered Commersonia
pdfCommersonia erythrogyna (formerly Rulingia sp. Trigwell Bridge)355.9 KB Trigwell's rulingia
pdfConospermum densiflorum subsp. unicephalatum289.53 KB One-headed smokebush
pdfConospermum galeatum338 KB  
pdfConospermum undulatum336.33 KB Wavy-leafed smokebush
pdfConostylis dielsii subsp. teres334.68 KB Irwin conostylis
pdfConostylis micrantha331.6 KB Small flowered conostylis
pdfConostylis misera301.86 KB Grass conostylis
pdfConostylis rogeri179.89 KB Kulin conostylis
pdfConostylis seorsiflora subsp. trichophylla419.83 KB Hairy mat conostylis
pdfConostylis setigera subsp. dasys419.08 KB Boscabel conostylis
pdfCoopernookia georgei6.66 MB Mauve Coopernookia
pdfCyphanthera odgersii subsp. occidentalis211.51 KB Western Cyphanthera
pdfDarwinia apiculata186.97 KB Scarp Darwinia
pdfDarwinia carnea279.64 KB Mogumber Bell
pdfDarwinia collina240.37 KB Yellow mountain bell
pdfDarwinia ferricola ms303.28 KB Scott River bell
pdfDarwinia masonii911.74 KB Mason's Darwinia
pdfDarwinia oxylepis266.71 KB Scarlet mountain bell
pdfDarwinia whicherensis (formerly Darwinia sp. Williamson (GJ Keighery 12717))330.15 KB Abba bell
pdfDarwinia wittwerorum241.73 KB Wittwer's mountain bell
pdfDasymalla axillaris (formerly Pityrodia axillaris)374.91 KB Wooly Foxglove
pdfDaviesia bursarioides343.59 KB Three Springs Daviesia
pdfDaviesia cunderdin183.5 KB Cunderdin Daviesia
pdfDaviesia dielsii565.62 KB Diel's daviesia
pdfDaviesia euphorbioides344.26 KB Wongan cactus
pdfDaviesia glossosema247.69 KB Maroon-flowered Daviesia
pdfDaviesia megacalyx220.64 KB Large-sepaled Daviesia
pdfDaviesia microcarpa424.34 KB Norseman pea
pdfDaviesia ovata 335.16 KB  
pdfDaviesia pseudaphylla278.24 KB Stirling Range Daviesia
pdfDeyeuxia drummondii289.58 KB Drummond's grass
pdfDiplolaena andrewsii610.35 KB Native Wild Roses
pdfDrakaea confluens591.89 KB Late hammer orchid
pdfDrakaea elastica355.97 KB Glossy-leaved hammer orchid
pdfDrakaea isolata268.96 KB Lonely hammer orchid
pdfDrummondita ericoides284.72 KB Morseby Range Drummondita
pdfDuma horrida subsp. abdita (formerly Muehlenbeckia horrida subsp. abdita)373.14 KB Remote thorny lignum
pdfEremophila ciliata308.97 KB  
pdfEremophila denticulata subsp. trisulcata386.98 KB Cumquat eremophila
pdfEremophila glabra subsp. chlorella318.56 KB  
pdfEremophila koobabbiensis ms153.21 KB  
pdfEremophila lactea359.44 KB Milky emu bush
pdfEremophila sp. narrow leaves (J.D.Start D12-150)277.55 KB  
pdfEremophila nivea397.34 KB Silky eremophila
pdfEremophila pinnatifida318.13 KB Dalwallinu eremophila
pdfEremophila resinosa200.86 KB Resinous eremophila
pdfEremophila rostrata subsp. rostrata326.52 KB Southern beaked eremophila
pdfEremophila rostrata subsp. trifida326.52 KB Northern beaked eremophila
pdfEremophila scaberula215.09 KB Rough emu bush
pdfEremophila subteretifolia333.25 KB Lake king eremophila
pdfEremophila verticillata333.67 KB Whorled eremophila
pdfEremophila virens273.64 KB Campion eremophila
pdfEremophila viscida409.21 KB Varnish bush
pdfEucalyptus absita288.57 KB Badgingarra box
pdfEucalyptus x balanites311.8 KB Cadda Mallee
pdfEucalyptus burdettiana6.66 MB Burdett Gum
pdfEucalyptus coronata6.66 MB Crowned Mallee
pdfEucalyptus crucis subsp. praecipua299.8 KB Paynes Find mallee
pdfEucalyptus cuprea431.09 KB Mallee box
pdfEucalyptus dolorosa269.37 KB Dandaragan mallee
pdfEucalyptus impensa272.06 KB Eneabba mallee
pdfEucalyptus leprophloia236.67 KB Scaly-butt mallee
pdfEucalyptus nutans6.66 MB Red-flowered Moort
pdfEucalyptus x phylacis280.56 KB Meelup mallee
pdfEucalyptus purpurata6.66 MB  
pdfEucalyptus rhodantha var. rhodantha363.29 KB Rose mallee
pdfFrankenia conferta176.66 KB Silky Frankenia
pdfFrankenia parvula252.33 KB Drummond's Frankenia
pdfGastrolobium appressum461.71 KB Scale-leaf Poison
pdfGastrolobium diabolophyllum270.75 KB Bodallin poison
pdfGastrolobium glaucum407.61 KB Wongan poison
pdfGastrolobium hamulosum319.17 KB Hook-point poison
pdfGastrolobium luteifolium298.18 KB Yellow-leafed gastrolobium
pdfGastrolobium papilio (formerly Brachysema papilo)515.73 KB
Butterfly-leaved Gastrolobium
pdfGastrolobium vestitum559 KB  
pdfGoodenia integerrima327.27 KB Gypsum goodenia
pdfGrevillea acropogon 544.07 KB  
pdfGrevillea althoferorum subsp. althoferorum ms363.66 KB Split-leaved Grevillea
pdfGrevillea althoferorum subsp. fragilis78.62 KB  
pdfGrevillea batrachioides311.53 KB Mount Lesueur Grevillea
pdfGrevillea brachystylis subsp. grandis (formerly Grevillea brachystylis subsp. Busselton (GJ Keighery s.n. 28/8/1985))253.1 KB Large flowered short-styled Grevillea
pdfGrevillea bracteosa subsp. howatharra449.84 KB  
pdfGrevillea calliantha499.94 KB
Foote's Grevillea
pdfGrevillea corrugata450.70 KB  
pdfGrevillea curviloba subsp. curviloba323.1 KB Curved-leafed Grevillea
pdfGrevillea curviloba subsp. incurva372.29 KB Narrow curved-leafed Grevillea
pdfGrevillea dryandroides subsp. dryandroides792.36 KB Phalanx Grevillea
pdfGrevillea dryandroides subsp. hirsuta477.01 KB Hairy phalanx Grevillea
pdfGrevillea elongata389.73 KB Ironstone Grevillea
pdfGrevillea fuscolutea264.88 KB  
pdfGrevillea humifusa369.64 KB Spreading Grevillea
pdfGrevillea infundibularis6.66 MB Fan-leaved Grevillea
pdfGrevillea involucrata196.49 KB Lake Varley Grevillea
pdfGrevillea maccutcheonii379.57 KB McCutcheon's Grevillea
pdfGrevillea maxwellii277.33 KB Maxwell's Grevillea
pdfGrevillea murex482.46 KB  Shell-fruited Grevillea
pdfGrevillea phanerophlebia290.92 KB Veined-leaf Grevillea
pdfGrevillea pythara268 KB Pythara Grevillea
pdfGrevillea rara171.03 KB Rare Grevillea
pdfGrevillea scapigera341.89 KB Corrigin Grevillea
pdfGrevillea sp. Gillingarra (R.J. Cranfield 4087)230.33 KB  
pdfGuichenotia seorsiflora439.02 KB  
pdfGyrostemon reticulatus508.21 KB Net-veined gyrostemon
pdfHaloragis platycarpa127.53 KB Broad-fruited haloragis
pdfHemiandra gardneri320.25 KB Red snakebush
pdfHemiandra rutilans368.83 KB Sargent's snakebush
pdfHemigenia ramosissima317.86 KB Branched hemigenia
pdfHibbertia abyssus463.25 KB Bandalup Buttercup
pdfHybanthus cymulosus299.78 KB Ninghan violet
pdfHypocalymma longifolium245.67 KB Long-leaved myrtle
pdfHypocalymma sylvestre 332.98 KB  
pdfIsopogon robustus197.17 KB Robust coneflower
pdfIsopogon uncinatus671.58 KB
Albany cone Bush
pdfJacksonia pungens ms251.44 KB Pungent Jacksonia
pdfKunzea acicularis441.05 KB  
pdfLambertia echinata subsp. echinata493.22 KB
Prickly honeysuckle
pdfLambertia echinata subsp. occidentalis430.64 KB Western prickly honeysuckle
pdfLambertia fairallii286.37 KB Fairall's Lambertia
pdfLambertia orbifolia subsp. orbifolia ms347.14 KB Round-leaf honeysuckle
pdfLambertia orbifolia subsp. Scott River Plains403.81 KB (LW Sage 684) Scott River round-leaf honeysuckle
pdfLasiopetalum pterocarpum327.82 KB Wing-fruited lasiopetalum
pdfLatrobea colophona298.72 KB  
pdfLepidosperma gibsonii207.03 KB  
pdfLeucopogon gnaphalioides740.06 KB Stirling Range beard heath
pdfLeucopogon marginatus281.54 KB  Thin-margined leucopogon
pdfLeucopogon nitidus341.5 KB  
pdfLeucopogon sp. Flynn (F.Hort, J.Hort and A.Lowrie 859)224.87 KB  
pdfLeucopogon sp. Ongerup (A.S. George 16682)307.95 KB  
pdfLeucopogon obtectus304.33 KB Hidden beard heath
pdfLeucopogon spectabilis373.78 KB Ironstone beard heath
pdfLysiosepalum abollatum127.13 KB Woolly lysiosepalum
pdfMacarthuria keigheryi196.67 KB Keighery's Macarthuria
pdfMarianthus aquilonaris 277.27 KB Bremer Marianthus
pdfMarianthus paralius 477.15 KB  
pdfMyriophyllum lapidicola213.25 KB Chiddarcooping myriophyllum
pdfOrnduffia calthifolia (formerly Villarsia calthifolia)254.86 KB Mountain villarsia
pdfPandanus spiralis var. flammeus598.44 KB Edgar Range pandanus 
pdfPatersonia spirifolia277.08 KB Spiral-leafed Patersonia
pdfPersoonia micranthera365.29 KB Small-flowered persoonia
pdfPetrophile latericola ms375.79 KB Laterite petrophile
pdfPhilotheca basistyla257.33 KB White-flowered philotheca
pdfPityrodia scabra229.42 KB Wyalkatchem foxglove
pdfPterostylis sinuata (was Pterostylis sp. Northampton (SD Hopper 3349))256.17 KB Northampton midget greenhood
pdfPtilotus pyramidatus613.45 KB Pyramid Mull-mulla
pdfRhacocarpus rehmannianus var.webbianus593.6 KB Webb’s Moss
pdfRhizanthella gardneri619.25 KB Underground orchid
pdfRicinocarpos brevis462.69 KB  
pdfRoycea pycnophylloides251.74 KB Saltmat
pdfScaevola macrophylla 252.87 KB  
pdfSchoenia filifolia subsp. subulifolia 399.2 KB Mingenew everlasting 
pdfSeringia exastia (formerly Keraudrenia exastia)326.07 KB Fringed keraudrenia 
pdfSphenotoma drummondii100.37 KB Mountain paper heath
pdfStylidium amabile422.23 KB  
pdfStylidium Applanatum378.39 KB  
pdfStylidium coroniforme subsp. amblyphyllum342.24 KB Quairading triggerplant
pdfStylidium coroniforme subsp. coroniforme432.53 KB Wongan triggerplant
pdfStylidium galioides6.66 MB Yellow Mountain Triggerplant
pdfStylidium semaphorum 299.4 KB  
pdfSymonanthus bancroftii212.21 KB Bancroft's symonanthus
pdfSynaphea quartzitica373.22 KB Quartz-loving synaphea
pdfSynaphea sp. Fairbridge Farm 301.36 KB (D. Papenfus 696)  
pdfSynaphea sp. Pinjarra342.55 KB (R Davis 6578) Club-leaved synaphea
pdfSynaphea sp. Pinjarra Plain616.06 KB (A.S. George 17182)  
pdfSynaphea sp. Serpentine315.57 KB  
pdfSynaphea stenoloba480.31 KB Dwellingup synaphea
pdfTetratheca deltoidea278.62 KB Granite tetratheca
pdfTetratheca paynterae subsp. paynterae862.89 KB Paynter's tetratheca
pdfThelymitra dedmaniarum (formerly Thelymitra manginiorum ms)549.58 KB Cinnamon sun orchid
pdfThomasia sp. Green Hill 323.78 KB (S. Paust 1-3122) Green Hill Thomasia
pdfTrithuria occidentalis701.99 KB Western trithuria
pdfVerticordia albida319.62 KB White Featherflower
pdfVerticordia apecta446.49 KB Hay River Featherflower
pdfVerticordia crebra6.66 MB Crowded Featherflower
pdfVerticordia fimbrilepis subsp. fimbrilepis434.52 KB Southern shy Featherflower 
pdfVerticordia hughanii374.56 KB Hughan's Featherflower
pdfVerticordia pityrhops6.66 MB Mt Barren Featherflower
pdfVerticordia plumosa var. ananeotes205.69 KB Tufted plumed Featherflower
pdfVerticordia spicata subsp. squamosa450.52 KB Scaly-leaved Featherflower
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. cylindracea var. cylindracea296.14 KB Granite Featherflower
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. cylindracea var. erecta353.86 KB Pine Featherflower
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. staminosa283.64 KB Wongan Featherflower
pdfWurmbea calcicola128.61 KB Naturaliste Nancy
pdfWurmbea tubulosa 256.89 KB Long-flowered Nancy
Scientific nameCommon name

Regional flora wildlife management programs

These programs provide a brief description of a plant (appearance, distribution, habitat and conservation status) for a particular administrative region, and include recommendations for research and management necessary to ensure its continued survival. The following plans were current at the time of publishing, but are subject to change. Not all wildlife management plans are available online, but may be viewed at the relevant department offices or at the deparment's library.

Protocols for monitoring threatened plants

The following manual provides guidance on the establishment of monitoring programs for plants.

Articles in this category:

Title Modified Date
Adopt an orchid Friday, 04 January 2019 11:58
Authorisation to take threatened plants Tuesday, 18 April 2023 10:42