The Parks and Wildlife Service at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions delivers on ground operations across the following Divisions:

Conservation and Ecosystem Management

The Division oversees and participates in programs that require State-wide coordination including threat and ecosystem management, regulatory enforcement, community education, input to State regulatory processes and industry monitoring. This is conducted in collaboration with key partnerships (internal to the department and externally).

Parks and Visitor Services

Parks and Visitor Services Division works with the community and volunteers to facilitate public involvement, visitation and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment on lands and waters managed by the department.

Regional and Fire Management Services

The Regional and Fire Management Services Division implements the department’s responsibilities in national parks, nature reserves, marine parks, State forests and other lands and waters throughout the State. The division works with neighbours, volunteers (including volunteer bushfire brigades), partners, individuals, organisations and communities.

About the logo


The design is a stylised representation of a bottlebrush, or Callistemon, a group of native plants including some found only in Western Australia. The orange colour also references the Western Australian Christmas tree, or Nuytsia.

Western Australia’s native flora supports our diverse fauna, is central to Aboriginal people’s idea of country, and attracts visitors from around the world. The leaves have been exaggerated slightly to suggest a boomerang (at the base of the flower) and ocean waves (above the wording). The blue background also refers to our marine parks and wildlife.


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