Welcome to the Swan Canning Riverpark

Photo - Matt Kleczkowski

The Swan Canning Riverpark and the iconic rivers at its heart are the centrepiece of Perth.

Blessed with diverse and resilient ecosystems, the Swan and Canning rivers are a recreational playground and a source of vibrant commercial and tourism activity.

The rivers’ sheltered bays and waters offer safe places for families to swim. More than 40 parks and reserves line the banks, and the rivers hum with aquatic activity and people enjoying a multitude of water sports.

The Riverpark is home to a diverse fish community, with more than 130 species recorded and a resident population of 19 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and their calves. Seahorses coexist with anemones, seagrass, prawns and crabs. Around the rivers more than 80 bird species including cockatoos, ospreys and swans have been recorded. Small mammals like water-rats, brush-tail possums, short-nose bandicoots, quenda, snakes, lizards and an array of spiders and insects also inhabit the foreshores and Swan Canning Catchment.

The waterway has a connection to the Whadjuk people spanning 40,000 years and this vibrant culture continues to shape and influence the lives of Western Australians.

Parks and Wildlife works with other state government agencies, local government, industry and the community to manage and protect the Riverpark, ensuring it remains a healthy, thriving ecosystem and a popular destination for Perth’s residents and visitors.

Watersports in the Riverpark
Watersports are a great way to cool off during the balmy Perth summer. Photo - Chelsea Bates

Swan Canning Riverpark visitor satisfaction survey and report 2018-19

A survey of Swan Canning Riverpark users and visitors has helped gauge satisfaction and use patterns in the Riverpark and surrounding foreshore parks. The survey was completed in December 2018 with 230 respondents interviewed. The average satisfaction was scored at 83.1%. Findings of the report will help the department and foreshore land managers to target management actions that can improve community enjoyment of the Riverpark.

pdfSwan Canning Riverpark visitor satisfaction survey report 2018-191.22 MB

New era for Swan Canning Riverpark management

On 1 July 2015, the role and functions of the Swan River Trust were merged with the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Day-to-day management of the Swan Canning Riverpark is now a function of the department’s newly created Rivers and Estuaries Division which, working with other divisions and government agencies, will ensure a focus on the highest priorities in river science, protection, conservation and management.

The Swan River Trust remains as an advisory body, providing independent, high level advice on matters affecting the rivers.

Information on the operational management of the Riverpark is now available on the Parks and Wildlife website.

Management of the Riverpark is guided by the new Swan Canning River Protection Strategy, which provides a collaborative approach to river management and establishes a clear path to help conserve the Riverpark’s natural, cultural and amenity values. More information on the Swan Canning River Protection Strategy is available on the new Swan River Trust website.

pdfSwan Canning River Protection Strategy4.71 MB
- pdfRiver Protection Strategy Community Update 20168.54 MB

  • Swan Canning Riverpark

    Swan Canning Riverpark

    The Swan and Canning rivers are truly the heart of Perth, ensuring it is one of the world’s most beautiful cities

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  • River protection strategy community update 2016

    River Protection Strategy Community Update 2016

    This update will tell the public how the department is tracking with managing the Riverpark and the web of ecological pressures impacting it.

    pdfDownload the 2016 River Protection Strategy Community Update8.54 MB

  • Microalgae map

    Microalgae activity report

    The Microalgae Activity Report shows the level of microalgae activity at 20 sites throughout the Swan Canning Riverpark.

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  • River Guardians

    River Guardians

    River Guardians are friends of the Swan and Canning rivers. They keep the rivers healthy and enjoy great member benefits.

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  • Perth Water Precinct Plan

    Perth Water Precinct Plan

    Given the significance of Perth Water, a Precinct Plan is being developed to purposefully guide future improvement of the precinct, its foreshores and abutting private development interface in a more strategic and proactive manner for the wider benefit of all visitors to the area.

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  • seaplane 1

    Commercial seaplane trial

    A commercial seaplane operation trial has begun on the Swan River.

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