A contractor and volunteer remove gladioli and Cape tulip from Porteous Park
A contractor and volunteer remove gladioli
and Cape tulip from Porteous Park
- Photo © Parks and Wildlife

There are many methods available to manage the impact of weeds:

Weed control resources

 Chemical control – requirements when planning a chemical control program

  1. All chemicals must be used in accordance with the label specifications and be accompanied by the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  2. Seek advice from your local chemical supplier.
  3. If you wish to use a chemical at a different rate to that recommended on the label, or apply chemicals to species not listed on the label, refer to Minor Use Permit # 13333. This permit allows persons to use products in the manner specified in the permit in designated jurisdictions and for specific species.
  4. If the species is not listed on Minor Use Permit #13333 you need to contact the APVMA for more information.
  5. Consider how you will manage spray drift and non-target damage.
  6. Take into account Occupational Health and Safety considerations, particularly in relation to appropriate training and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  7. Take into consideration any laws with relation to chemical use, pollution and native vegetation. When undertaking weed control in bushland areas that contain Threatened Flora and Threatened Ecological Communities you must apply for a permit. 
  8. If conducting control near waterways, refer to the pdfHerbicides: guidelines for use in and around water271.19 KB.
  9. For more information, refer topdfHerbicides: knowing when and how to use them197.3 KB.