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Weed identification procedures


There are many resources available to help you identify weeds and native plants.

Books and print


Identification software available either online or as apps or CD.


Western Australian Herbarium online database for distribution of native and introduced (alien) plants across Western Australia

Atlas of Living Australia
An on-line resource containing information on all the known species in Australia aggregated from a wide range of data providers: museums, herbariums, community groups, government departments, individuals and universities

Australia’s Virtual Herbarium 
An on-line botanical information resource providing access to data in each of Australia’s nine herbaria

Australian Plant Name Index 
A tool that deals with plant names and their usage. Useful for translating a plant’s common name into its scientific name

Australian Plant Census 
A database of accepted scientific names for both native and introduced vascular flora of Australia

Weed Society of Western Australia 
Includes access to the Western Weeds online edition 1998 – please note that some information may be out of date

Weeds of Australia identification tool (Queensland Government)

Identification tool containing 1021 weeds

Weeds of Australia Fact Sheet Index (Queensland Government)

Website containing fact sheets for over 1000 weeds

Brisbane City Council Weed Identification Tool

A tool to assist in identifying weeds. Please note the information is intended as a guide only. Flowering and seeding times and foliage or flower colours may vary due to seasonal or local variability

iNaturalist and iNaturalist Australia

A global online community for naturalists which provides a species occurrence recording tool and a crowdsourced species identification system