jurien sea lions kev crane
Jurien Bay sea lions. Photo © Kevin Crane

Western Australia is home to:

  • 141 of Australia's 207 mammal species, 25 unique to the state
  • more than 500 reptile species
  • more than 1,600 fish species
  • hundreds of thousands of invertebrate species.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife has a key role in protecting our native animals, and does so through the management of lands and waters reserved under the Conservation and Land Management Act, a range of conservation initiatives operating on other lands, and programs such as Western Shield, scientific research and the protection of threatened species and ecological communities.

Wildcare Helpline

The Wildcare Helpline is a telephone referral service.

The Helpline provides a service for members of the public who find sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife and are seeking advice on how to find care for the animal. View the Wildcare Helpline page for more information.

If you've found injured wildlife please call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055.