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Important Busselton nature reserve damaged

Damage to vegetation in Broadwater Nature Reserve
Damage to vegetation in Broadwater Nature Reserve Parks and Wildlife

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is concerned about damage occurring in the environmentally-significant wetlands of Busselton’s Broadwater Nature Reserve.

Operations officer Clare Forward said in recent surveys 46 species of water bird were recorded in the reserve, with more than 7780 individual water birds recorded on one survey.

“We are incredibly lucky to have such environmental values on our doorstep and we would like the community to assist the department’s efforts to conserve the wetlands for future generations,” Ms Forward said. 

“The reserve’s fringing vegetation, including peppermint trees, form corridors and habitat for the endangered western ringtail possum.

“Not only are the wetlands great places for bushwalking and bird watching, the vegetation also helps filter out pollutants and provides important refuges for nesting birds and many other animals such as frogs, skinks and bandicoots.”

Ms Forward said Parks and Wildlife staff were concerned to discover recent damage at the reserve including trees and vegetation cut down with an axe to create a shelter, a machine-made track through native vegetation, sump oil poured into wetlands, the use of an unidentified herbicide on vegetation and an old jetty, a sign and part of a fence thrown into the water.

“There were also substantial amounts of litter and green waste dumped into the reserve,” Ms Forward said.

“These incidents occurred over a short space of time at a number of locations in the wetland.

“The department is concerned about people damage to this sensitive environment and that there may be longer lasting impacts such as the potential pollution of the wetlands and erosion issues.”

Anyone with information about recent damage to the Broadwater Nature Reserve is asked to contact the Parks and Wildlife Busselton office on 9752 5555.

Media contact: Parks and Wildlife Media 9219 9999