Wedge and Grey

Wedge and Grey reserves contain recreational shack settlements located on the coast approximately 150 km and 170 km respectively, north of Perth. There are 120 licensed shacks at Grey and 292 at Wedge.

Wedge and Grey are unvested reserves, placed under the management of Department of Parks and Wildlife by an order of the Governor with the approval of the Minister for Lands and the Minister for Environment.

The reserves are managed under licence arrangement with a new three year licence being offered on 1 November 2019. This licence has been developed in consultation with Grey Conservation and Community (GCCA), Wedge Island Protection Association (WIPA) and Yued Traditional Owners.


Latest information

The State Government’s response to the Standing Committee’s report indicated that:

  • "it would examine options for Wedge and Grey to meet the requirements for public recreation and tourism use in conjunction with a level of shack retention that contributes to the opportunities for public use; and
  • this consideration would be in consultation with current shack leaseholders".

The State Government response also noted that any future development of the sites would be subject to:

“State planning requirements and will address equity of access and use, building safety, health and amenity, coastal processes and provide for environmentally sustainable public outcomes”.

Wedge and Grey
Wedge Island

In early 2012 the department commenced an assessment and planning exercise to determine an appropriate level of shack retention and the location and form of public recreation and tourism infrastructure. This included consultation with the WIPA and GCCA representing the two shack communities, and other stakeholders.

The department subsequently prepared the pdfWedge and Grey Preliminary Planning Report5.76 MB which was considered by Government in January 2015.

pdfWedge and Grey indicative planning timeframe29.3 KB -  An indicative outline of tasks necessary to progress the preliminary plan.

During 2015 a number of essential planning and administrative activities were completed to provide further information, data and guidance to assist in the planning process. These included:

Parks and Wildlife commissioned a coastal engineer to assess the vulnerability of the Wedge and Grey coastlines in accordance with Schedule 1 of the State Planning Policy 2.6. to gain an understanding of future coastal processes required to aid planning at Wedge and Grey.

The Asbestos Assessment and Preliminary Management Plan was undertaken to gain a clear picture of the nature and extent of asbestos containing material (ACM) in and around buildings at Wedge and Grey as a first step to understand the risks and requirements for the safe management or removal of ACM.

pdfManagement of asbestos at Wedge and Grey Reserves - frequently asked questions209.26 KB - A question and answer sheet (updated 01/11/2016) that provides information from the report and suggests actions shack owners and visitors can take to minimise potential exposure to asbestos or manage asbestos risks.

  pdfAsbestos register1.75 MB (updated 01/11/2016) - A register that details the location, type and condition of all known (external only) asbestos materials or materials suspected of containing asbestos identified at Wedge and Grey. 

An environmental contractor completed a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) in August/September 2016, which included soil sampling and partial remediation of asbestos fragments in soil (raking, hand picking and removal). A copy of the pdfDSI is available here24.87 MB.

The department also appointed an Auditor in accordance with the provisions of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003. A copy of the pdfAuditors' report is available here24.87 MB.

The department has completed an pdfAsbestos Management Plan for Wedge and Grey6.53 MB which sets out actions for managing occupational health and safety risks associated with asbestos on the two reserves. 

Part of the planning process involves the development of concepts for the public recreation facilities. The department has released pdfPreliminary Recreation Development Concepts1.81 MB for the sites. 

Parks and Wildlife has completed a range of high detail aerial photography to assist government agencies in the site planning process.