Learning about fauna monitoring
Photo © Parks and Wildlife

Western Shield has an important role in educating the community about the threats to WA's native fauna, and what is being done to reduce these threats.

Community support is vital to Western Shield's success.

You can become involved in Western Shield through:



Western Shield action pack

Western Shield action pack

pdfWestern Shield Action Pack7.13 MB is a great, free resource for teachers. 
Nearer to Nature teaches children about threatened animal species, the importance of remnant bushland, and how scientists measure biological values. All of the programs enable children to get hands-on experience.


Landholders can help by controlling foxes and feral cats on their properties to assist Western Shield. Find out about using 1080 bait on your land from the Department of Agriculture and Food WA under Pest Animals.

See for yourself

Dryandra Woodland's Barna Mia holds night time walks and talks for the public, telling people about the history of land-use, and the impact of foxes on Western Australia's wildlife. You get to tour the enclosure, getting a close view of some of the native animals that 'Return to Dryandra' is breeding in captivity.