Department of Parks adn Wildlife
Injecting phosphite
- Photo © Parks and Wildlife

Phosphite is a systemic, biodegradable fungicide that protects plants against Phytophthora dieback.

How it works

We don't fully understand how phosphite works, but it appears that the progress of Phytophthora cinnamomi infection is halted when it comes into contact with phosphite in plant tissue.

Aerial phosphite spraying- Photo © Parks and Wildlife

History of Use

The future

Research into phosphite and its application is continuing. Among the areas requiring research is the refinement of application rates, times and frequencies for different vegetation types.

Phosphite cannot eradicate Phytophthora cinnamomi from an area once it has established, but it does provide us with some ability to protect endangered plants that might otherwise become extinct in the wild within a few years.

The major strategy for limiting the environmental damage caused by Phytophthora dieback still remains: