Our coastline spans more than 13,500 kilometres and is home to some of the world's most remarkable ecosystems and marine life, including massive whale sharks, humpback whales, several threatened species of turtles, playful sea lions, leafy seadragons, little penguins and Australia's largest fringing reef in Ningaloo Marine Park. Plunge downunder and explore the submerged wonders protected in Western Australia's amazing marine parks and reserves.

Marine Parks Western Australia

Photo - © Peter Nicholas

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    Fun Facts

    This is your first stop to uncover information on Western Australia's special marine plants and animals for your school projects, wioth over 50 special marine plants and animals to explore and discover!

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    We hope you enjoy these galleries containing fascinating photos of Western Australia's remarkable marine parks and their inhabitants.

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  • Marine Park mania

    Marine Park mania

    Marine parks are like national parks, but instead of protecting scenic landscapes or biologically important areas of land, marine parks protect scenic and biologically important areas of ocean and coastline.

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    • Marine Park protectors

      Marine Park protectors

      Do you have what it takes to become a marine park protector? Find out what you can do to become a Marine Park Protector and help to look after Western Australia's unique marine wildlife.

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    • Activity book

      Activity book

      Fun facts, games, crosswords, colouring-in and more! This activity book has been produced by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, with financial support from ExxonMobil Australia, to help promote Western Australia’s unique marine parks.

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