Marine parks


Hamelin boardwalk

Stromatolite boardwalk at Hamelin
Pool Marine Nature Reserve
Photo © Tourism WA

Marine parks are created to protect natural features and aesthetic values while allowing recreational and commercial uses that do not compromise conservation values.

There are 17 marine parks in Western Australia:

Marine parks are multiple-use reserves that cater for a wide range of activities.
Within marine parks there may be four types of management zones:

When visiting a marine park please know your zones to ensure you are undertaking the right activities in the right areas.

Marine nature reserves

Marine nature reserves are ‘look but don't take' areas created primarily for conservation and scientific research and are designed to protect a particular significant ecosystem or habitat.

Low-impact tourism may be permitted, but no recreational or commercial fishing, aquaculture, pearling, petroleum drilling or production is allowed. Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve, where 2000 year old stromatolites can be found, is currently the only marine nature reserve in Western Australia.

Marine management areas

Marine management areas provide an integrated management structure over areas that have high conservation value and intensive multiple-use.

There are two marine management areas in Western Australia: Muiron Islands Marine Management Area and Barrow Island Marine Management Area.