Karri forest
Karri forest - Photo © DPaW

Each 10 year period, as required by the Conservation and Land Management Act 1984, a new management plan for the forests of the south-west of Western Australia is required.

The Forest Management Plan 2014-2023 was prepared over 2½ years from 2010 to 2013. This page provides much of the background work and supporting documents used in the plan’s preparation, and should be considered in context of the 2010 to 2013 timeframe. Since the plan came into effect on 1 January 2014 some of the guidance documents published below have been revised and updated.

The process to develop the plan is detailed in the pdfForest Management Plan 2014 - 2023 Process Outline219.49 KB.

Like the Forest Management Plan 2004-2013, the plan considered the wide range of forest values, taking into account environmental, economic and social issues.

Proposed Forest Management Plan 2014-2023

A Proposed plan was assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The EPA’s report and recommendations on the Proposed plan was released 1 July 2013. The appeals against the EPA's report and recommendations have been determined. The Minister's decision and the Appeals Convenor's report is available from the Office of the Appeals Convenor website.

Following are a number of documents that supported the release of the EPA’s report and recommendations:

The Proposed plan was subject to a regulatory impact assessment. The assessment process is administered by the Regulatory Gatekeeping Unit of the Department of Finance. The process requires the development of a regulatory impact statement which is assessed for compliance. As part of this process, the Unit requires the publication of the following impact statement and the letter of compliance:

pdfDecision regulatory impact statement document482.17 KB
pdfDecision regulatory impact statement compliance letter95.33 KB (scanned—does not meet accessibility criteria)

Draft Forest Management Plan 2014-2023

A major milestone in preparing the next Forest Management Plan came with the release of the pdfDraft Forest Management Plan 2014 - 20234.74 MB for a 12 week public review period from 15 August to 7 November 2012. This comment period met the requirements of the CALM Act and the EP Act. Public submissions received on the Draft plan were reviewed and the Proposed plan was prepared taking into account, were appropriate, the comments and issues raised in public submissions.

The Draft plan is the same format as the current Forest Management Plan 2004-2013 and aligns with the criteria of the Montreal process.The Montreal process provides a common framework to describe, monitor, assess and report on forest trends and progress toward sustainable forest management.

Following are a number of documents which supported the release of the Draft plan for public review:

Biological diversity

Ecosystem health and vitality

Soil and water

Climate change and carbon cycles

Productive capacity

Socio-economic benefits

Plan implementation



Other background information

  • Forests and climate change
  • Silviculture