Native wisteria Hardenbergia comptoniana on a karri tree. Photo - Carolyn Thomson-Dans
Native wisteria on a karri tree
Photo © C Thomson-Dans

One of the key roles of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is ecologically sustainable forest management.

This means providing economic, social and cultural benefits from our State forest and timber reserves while, at the same time, conserving biodiversity, maintaining soil and water values, and sustaining the health, vitality and productive capacity of the forest for current and future generations.

Who manages our forests?

  • Conservation and Parks Commission 

    The Conservation and Parks Commission is an independent authority that oversees the administration of Western Australia's national and marine parks, conservation parks, nature reserves, State forests and timber reserves by Parks and Wildlife.

  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

    The department has the lead responsibility for protecting and conserving the State’s environment on behalf of the people of Western Australia. This responsibility includes monitoring activities which may disturb the environment, including timber harvesting.

  • Forest Products Commission

    The Forest Products Commission is responsible for harvesting and regenerating native forest and plantations in State forests and timber reserves, and for the sale of forest products and some associated industry matters.

Legislation, policy and key documents

Management of our forests is regulated by the:

The Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 also contains provisions to protect nationally-listed threatened species and ecological communities.

The Regional Forest Agreement for the South-West Forest Region of Western Australia is a 20-year agreement between the State and Commonwealth governments on the use and management of the forests of Western Australia's south-west

Other relevant legislation, policies and key documents are listed in the Forest management plan 2014-2023.

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