Sustainable forestry

Sustainable forestry

Gain an insight into the principles and practices of sustainable forest management

Suitable for Geography (ATAR Units 2 & 3, General Units 1 & 4); Earth and Environmental Science (ATAR Unit 3); Integrated Science (ATAR Unit 2)


Timber is a versatile and widely used fibre-based commodity. In an increasingly interconnected world, decisions we make about production and distribution of this commodity can no longer be considered in isolation. Find out how modern forestry practices can allow us to sustainably meet our timber needs whilst ensuring that forests can still be enjoyed for many other values and how decisions we make in our society may have global consequences. Engage in field techniques employed by forest managers to determine sustainable timber harvests and treatment of stands to maximise production while maintaining or enhancing biodiversity.


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A plan for managing our State’s south-west forests

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Additional information

  • Venue

    Dwellingup Forest Heritage Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest, Wharncliffe Mill (Margaret River)
  • Year/Type

    Year 11 to 12
  • Learning area

    Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Geography, Integrated Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia, Sustainability
  • Duration

    4 hours