Koolangars, corroborees and kaleeps

Koolangars, corroborees and kaleeps

Participate in sustainable hunting and fishing methods.

Suitable for years 4 to 5.


An excursion which takes students on a Nyoongar cultural journey through traditional language, ceremony, hunting and fishing. Students will learn how Aboriginal people survived using natural resources sustainably while caring for the environment.


  • Students role-play a day in the life of an Aboriginal person.
  • Learn about traditional and sustainable use of land
  • Compare how Aboriginal people do traded with how trade is done today
  • Learn the importance of ceremony and dance


Exploring woodlands with Nyoongars and Sharing the Dreaming resource packs are available online.

Additional information

  • Venue

    Perth Hills Discovery Centre, Wellington Discovery Forest
  • Year/Type

    Year PP to 6
  • Learning area

    English, Science
  • Cross curriculum priorities

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Sustainability
  • Duration

    4 hours