Department of Parks adn Wildlife

Bushcraft and survival workshops were just some of the activities at the third annual Bush Rangers Kimberley region camp at Manning Gorge on the Gibb River Road.

Kimberley Bush Rangers Coordinator Sally Johnston said 95 cadets and instructors took part in the camp.

“The camp is in its third year and it was great to have members of the eight Kimberley units coming together” Ms Johnston said.

“Activities included hiking, orienteering, bushcraft and survival workshops, night games, and presentations from conservation workers including Parks and Wildlife staff”.

Wyndham Unit leader Brett Gaskell said “We get the kids to do all the cooking, so they are working in teams and there is a bit of a competition for the orienteering and raft building. They have to build a raft and get it across a river and all the students absolutely loved it.”


Kimb camp 2 comp


Kimb camp comp

Wyndham DHS cadets orienteering