COVID-19: Nearer to Nature has a COVID-19 Safety Plan covering a range of measures including a contact register, mask wearing and physical distancing where required, and cleaning. In addition, most activities are conducted out-of-doors and our staff are all up-to-date with current vaccination requirements.

Nearer to Nature excursions are available and schools can also book incursions dependant on their school policies. We continue to offer our usual range of school holiday activities.

We will respond to State Government directives and health advice, and adapt the measures we have in place to provide COVID-safe venues. We will also work with teachers to meet school requirements, and change bookings if needed, to ensure students can benefit from hands-on learning in the environment.

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Nearer to Nature provides opportunities for children of all ages to take part in hands-on, experiential learning in the natural environment. Join us to learn about the nature of Western Australia and ensure it is protected and conserved for its intrinsic values and to enrich people’s lives.

We offer programs from diverse locations in the Perth metro area, the South West, and even the beautiful Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.