Rhizanthella gardneri
Underground orchid (Rhizanthella gardneri)
Photo © Andrew Brown/Parks and Wildlife

Western Australia is renowned for its diverse and spectacular wildflowers, and is one of the premier flora centres in the world. This floral richness is matched by a high number of plants that are threatened with extinction. Our research seeks to conserve and manage Western Australian flora in the wild, by reducing the likelihood of extinction of individual plant species and loss of plant communities. Find out more about threatened species.

The Western Australian Herbarium houses the State's collection of scientific specimens of plants, algae and fungi, which underpins their conservation.

What we do

  • Survey current and new plant populations
  • Monitor the health of plant populations
  • Collect and store seeds
  • Research the biology, ecology and genetics of Western Australian plants
  • Discover, name and describe plant species
  • Research ways to reduce the impacts of threatening processes
  • Carry out translocations of threatened plants

Key activities and projects

Related resources

Research information sheets

Guides and handbooks

Databases and websites

  • FloraBase
    Provides botanical information on all Western Australian flowering plant families, genera and species. Includes identification tools, photos, maps, a database of botanical literature and (for registered users) collecting details of more than 700,000 vouchered herbarium specimens from across the State.
  • Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project
    A community based organisation that promotes an understanding of the roles of fungi in bushland.
  • Australia's Virtual Herbarium
    An online resource that provides access to the wealth of plant specimen data held by Australian herbaria including the WA Herbarium.
  • WorldwideWattle
    To inform, educate and promote the conservation, utilisation and enjoyment of Australian Acacia species.
  • Woodland Watch (within FloraBase)
    Floristic surveys of selected remnant eucalypt woodlands of the Avon region — all on private farmlands.
  • Swan Weeds database (within FloraBase)
    Provides information on the most problematic environmental weeds in the region.


  • Seed notes for WA
  • Florabase
  • TFSC

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