Whale shark
Spinifex pigeons.
Photo - Peter Kendrick

The report, A Biodiversity Audit of Western Australia's 53 Biogeographic Subregions in 2002, reviews the nature conservation issues that each of Western Australia’s 53 biogeographical subregions faced in 2002.

The data and interpretations presented are based on firsthand experience, as they were compiled by regional and scientific staff who worked extensively in the regions, of what was then the Department of Conservation and Land Management, between July 2001 and January 2002.

By providing an overview of the status of the species and ecosystems in each subregion’s lands and waterways in terms of a consistent set of criteria, this report provides a detailed, systematic basis for assessing conservation priorities among different parts of Western Australia. It also indicates the likely consequences for biodiversity should no action be taken.

You can read the report by selecting any of the subregions listed in contents (below). There is also a 113-page summary available for download (see end of list). The department has embarked on a 10 year review and update of the Biodiversity Audit.