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  • Project commencement: 2002
  • Project field sampling completed: 2007
  • Project write-up  and publication completed: 2014
  • Total project investment: $1.5M from Commonwealth Government via Natural Heritage Trust funding, $12.4M from WA Government, $250,000 from Pilbara resource industries

Key outcomes

  • Greater understanding of Pilbara flora and fauna, how that biodiversity is distributed across the region and how climate, geology and soil influence the distribution of species.
  • Discovery of new flora and fauna species.
  • Better understanding of the comprehensiveness, adequacy and representativeness of the Pilbara reserve system.


The Pilbara Region Biological Survey was made possible through assistance from:

A number of external collaborators, staff from the Western Australian Museum and volunteers also assisted with the Pilbara Region Biological Survey. In total more than 130 people have been involved in the survey.

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