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Recommended abbreviation: Conservation Science W. Aust.

Published by the Science and Conservation Division, Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre, Western Australia 6983.


To foster awareness, understanding and support for the science on which the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions' nature conservation and natural resource management activities in Western Australia are based.


Conservation Science Volume 9Conservation Science Western Australia occasionally publishes papers by scientists and technical officers from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Submissions from outside the department are only accepted where the research was funded by the department.

The department’s policy is for its scientists to publish in mainstream national and international science journals; however, some research is of ‘parochial’ interest only or results in papers of monographic length. Conservation Science Western Australia is produced to ensure that such material is publicly available after it is peer reviewed by external scientists. 

Science Publications Committee

Dr Margaret Byrne
Dr Lachlan McCaw
Mr Keith Morris
Dr Alan Kendrick
Dr Stephen van Leeuwen
Dr Colin Yates


Conservation Science Western Australia is now an online, open-access journal. Limited print copies of special issues may be produced.

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