bandicoot monitoring team at matuwa lorna glen jennifer eliot paw 
Bandicoot monitoring team at Matuwa (Lorna Glen).
Photo – Jennifer Eliot/DBCA

Biodiversity and Conservation Science researchers study, describe, monitor and map the species and ecological communities of Western Australia. This research provides an increased understanding of the state's plants and animals, ecological processes and biological resources. It focuses on the conservation of biodiversity in Western Australia, and the sustainable use and management of our natural resources.

The department’s conservation biology research is a source of up to date, independent and reliable scientific knowledge about the species, communities and ecosystems of Western Australia. It underpins strategies to protect, conserve and manage Western Australia's unique environment.

Our research findings can be accessed in a variety of publications, databases and further resources, including our specialist journals: Nuytsia—Western Australia's Journal of Systematic Botany, and Conservation Science Western Australia.

The Parks and Wildlife Service library has records specialising in topics related to the environment, ecology, conservation, botany, forestry, wildlife and conservation reserves.

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