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wildcare helpline

The Wildcare Helpline is a telephone referral service operated by volunteers on behalf of the department. 

The Wildcare Helpline provides a service for the public who find sick or injured native wildlife and are seeking advice on where to find care for the animal.

If you've found injured wildlife, call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055.

The wildlife volunteers answering your call will be able to put you in touch with your nearest registered wildlife rehabilitator, wherever you are in Western Australia.

The Wildcare Helpline CAN:

  • offer advice on sick, injured, or displaced native wildlife.
  • refer callers to a wider network of experts for assistance.

The Wildcare Helpline CANNOT:

  • attend rescues.
  • assist with non-native or domestic animals.

Wildlife rehabilitators are dedicated people who, in most cases, are employed in full time jobs and rehabilitate wildlife in their own time. We cannot always guarantee that someone will be immediately available so please be patient, particularly in busier times.

In the meantime, follow the advice below. Please do not feed the animal or give it water as this may delay treatment and could compromise the animal's recovery.