Plan for Our Parks

The State Government has announced a plan to create five million hectares of new national and marine parks and reserves across Western Australia. This is part of the McGowan Government's whole-of-government target for A Livable Environment, under it's Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity program of targets.

The Plan for Our Parks will see new and expanded parks from the Kimberley in the north, across WA’s Rangelands, through population centres in Perth and Bunbury, to our south-west forests and along our southern coastline. This will create more opportunities for nature-based and cultural tourism, provide enhanced biodiversity conservation and build on Aboriginal joint management throughout Western Australia.

Plan for our Parks overview map
Plan For Our Parks Overview Map

The plan will deliver on a number of existing strategic priorities and commitments, and create new, visionary opportunities for parks and reserves.

Image - Plan for Our Parks Overview Map (Download below).

Working with Traditional Owners

The expansion plan will build on the State Government’s successful Aboriginal Ranger Program by providing more opportunities for traditional owners to jointly manage country. The creation of new parks and reserves will be subject to endorsement from traditional owners and the finalisation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements. 


The consultation timeline outlines the State Government’s comprehensive and ongoing consultation process withTraditional Owners; pastoral, fishing and mining industry; conservation organisations; interest holders and all levels of government. There is flexibility with the design of Plan for Our Parks. Through the consultation process, specific proposals, boundaries and management approaches will be developed. Download the consultation timeline below. 

More information

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