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The WA Herbarium is responsible
for describing and documenting of 
Western Australia's botanical diversity
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Western Australia has an exceptionally rich array of plants, animals, ecosystems and habitats. There are thought to be about 13,000 species, subspecies and varieties of flowering plants in the state's 2.5 million square kilometres of which more than 60 per cent are completely unique to WA. The south-western part of the state is internationally recognised for its flowering plant diversity. This province alone is home to more than 7,000 kinds of flowering plants.

The Western Australian Herbarium is a part of the Department of Parks and Wildlife. It is responsible for the description and documentation of Western Australia's botanical species diversity.

The WA Herbarium and associated regional herbaria together form a unique, dynamic, state-wide team that gathers, manages, researches and communicates information on the geography, systematics and biology of our unique flora. In doing so, it plays a vital role in a national and international network of herbaria and allied biodiversity conservation agencies.

Collecting and providing specimens to the Herbarium

The Herbarium has published several articles describing how to collect a specimen and provide it to the Herbarium for future reference. The articles are:

Volunteering opportunities at the Herbarium

The Herbarium has published an article on our volunteering program:

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