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Achievements so far

Start's spider orchid (Caladenia starteorum).
Photo © H Winfield
  • 58 participants have 'adopted' 31 orchid species ranging from Kalbarri to Esperance.
  • 240 populations of priority orchids have been visited and monitored.
  • More than 100 flowering plants of northern darting spider orchid (Caladenia uliginosa subsp. patulens P1) were found in an area where just three were located previously, and a new population of 60 flowering plants was discovered in State Forest. 
  • A population of Start's spider orchid (Caladenia startiorum P2) that had not been seen for many years was relocated and flowering plants found.
  • New populations of coastal spider orchid (Caladenia abbreviata P3), crested spider orchid (Caladenia cristata P1), late white spider orchid (Caladenia longicauda subsp. extrema P1), lemon spider orchid (Caladenia luteola DRF), slender sepaled spider orchid (Caladenia perangusta P2), Island Point spider orchid (Caladenia swartsiorum P1), fragrant china orchid (Cyanicula fragrans P3), Alcock’s duck orchid (Paracaleana alcockii P2), slender leafed duck orchid (Paracaleana gracilicordata P1) and Jackson's sun orchid (Thelymitra jacksonii P3) were located.

The program is fun and rewarding.

  • Participants get to see some of our rarest orchids growing in their natural habitat and interact with other orchid enthusiasts.
  • Some adoptees have located new populations of some of our rarest priority orchid species.
  • Even when new populations have not been located, the information obtained is invaluable and will result in positive actions being undertaken to protect and conserve these species.