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Queen of Sheba orchid

Queen of Sheba orchid (Thelymitra variegata)
Photo © Andrew Brown/Parks and Wildlife

This volunteer program—in which participants ‘adopt’ a species of orchid and collect valuable information about it—could help save highly threatened species.

Parks and Wildlife’s monitoring and survey program for threatened and poorly known (priority) flora is prioritised to threatened plants.

  • Less time is available to monitor and survey priority plant species.
  • These species are often known from few locations and may be under threat but require further information to accurately ascertain their conservation status.
  • Some 38 orchid species fit into this category and could potentially be highly threatened.

The Adopt an Orchid project was born out of the WA Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group’s  desire to help the department obtain better and up-to-date population, threat and survey information for priority orchid species.

This way, there can be more certainty of their conservation status, including threats and necessary recovery actions and can better manage and protect them.

The Group and Parks and Wildlife each have an Adopt an Orchid coordinator to oversee the project, and individuals or small groups of up to six volunteers have been enlisted to monitor and survey specific priority orchid species.

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