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In 2017 the western ringtail possum recovery plan was updated coinciding with a reassessment of the conservation of the species leading to a threat status assignment of Critically Endangered using IUCN criteria. To support the implementation of the recovery plan, the Western Ringtail Possum Recovery Team also reconvened in 2017 after stakeholder support was indicated in a species-focused forum.

The recovery team includes representatives from community and natural resource management groups, veterinary representatives, utility organisations, tertiary institutions and State Government departments. The purpose of the team is to facilitate and oversee the implementation of recovery actions with the plan. The team currently is focused on ensuring consistency in monitoring and survey methodologies, identifying and targeting research gaps, supporting on-ground conversation action, ensuring best practice wildlife rehabilitation, and understanding conservation status and trends across the species range.

Western ringtail possum Pia Courtis
Western ringtail possum. Photo © Pia Courtis/DBCA


Nature Conservation Margaret River Region is a natural resource group operating in the south-west of Western Australia. The group undertakes a number of conservation activities, including a current project focused on conservation actions for the western ringtail possum.

The Oyster Harbour Catchment Group and Torbay Catchment Group are located on the south coast of Western Australia and coordinate natural resource management across Albany and its hinterland. Both groups have projects focused on improving the understanding of the south coast sub-population of western ringtail possum.