Notification: Parks and Wildlife Service is part of the new Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

Recovery Plans outline the actions that we need to take to help threatened species or ecological communities survive and 'recover' to a healthy level.

Recovery Plans or Interim Recovery Plans have been or are being prepared for all threatened species and ecological communities ranked as 'Critically Endangered'.

Interim Recovery Plans have also been prepared for some other threatened species with a lower ranking, such as 'Endangered' or 'Vulnerable', on a needs basis, and as resources permit.

They provide an assessment of the current status, and detailed information and guidance for the management and protection, of any species or groups of species and their habitats, or a threatened ecological community.

Interim Recovery Plans are used to manage and protect threatened or harvested species, threatened ecological communities or other species in need of management where a plan is required urgently but where there are insufficient data is available to prepare a full Recovery Plan.

Approved Plans can and are modified when there are new findings, changes in status of the species or ecological community and the completion of recovery actions.

Animals (fauna)

List of approved interim recovery plans for Western Australian animals
pdfNight parrot interim recovery plan for Western Australia 1996-1998313.67 KB Night parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) 4
pdfAntina interim recovery plan 1996-1998873.92 KB Antina, Central rock rat (Zyzomys pedunculatus) 5
pdfMinnivale trapdoor spider interim recovery plan 1998-2000179.13 KB Minnivale trapdoor spider (Teyl species "C") 19
Cape Range remipede community (Bundera Sinkhole) and Cape Range remipede interim recovery plan 2000-2003 Cape Range Remipede (Kumonga exleyi (formerly Lasionectes exleyi)) 75
pdfThick-billed grasswren (western subspecies) interim recovery plan 2003-2008 410.9 KB Thick-billed grasswren (western subspecies) (Amytornis textilis textilis) 146
pdfCamaenid land snails of the East Kimberley interim recovery plan 2005-2010 648.33 KB Camaenid land snails of the East Kimberley (includes 24 species and 2 sub species) 94
Camerons Cave troglobitic community, Camerons Cave millipede and Camerons Cave pseudoscorpion interim recovery plan 2012-2017 Camerons Cave Millipede (Stygiochiropus peculiaris)
Camerons Cave Pseudoscorpion (Indohya damocles (formerly Hyella sp.))
Recovery planSpeciesIRP No.


Plants (flora)

List of approved interim recovery plans for Western Australian plants
pdfAcacia cochlocarpa subsp. velutinosa283.65 KB Velvety spiral pod wattle 286
pdfAcacia aprica413.67 KB Blunt wattle 152
pdfAcacia ataxiphylla subsp. magna311.66 KB Large-fruited Tammin wattle 157
pdfAcacia auratiflora251.14 KB Orange-flowered wattle 23
pdfAcacia awestoniana508.8 KB Stirling Range wattle 333
pdfAcacia cochlocarpa subsp.cochlocarpa283.65 KB Spiral-fruited wattle 24
pdfAcacia chapmanii subsp. australis553.89 KB   357
pdfAcacia imitans261.39 KB Gibson wattle 287
pdfAcacia insolita subsp. recurva210.6 KB Yornaning wattle 242
pdfAcacia lanuginophylla327.22 KB Woolly wattle 243
pdfAcacia leptalea158.27 KB Chinocup wattle 261
pdfAcacia leptoneura443.52 KB   326
pdfAcacia lobulata185.43 KB Chiddarcooping wattle 241
pdfAcacia pharangites178.73 KB Wongan Gully wattle 244
pdfAcacia pygmaea354.25 KB Dwarf rock wattle 9
pdfAcacia rhamphophylla345.92 KB Kundip wattle 203
pdfAcacia sciophanes267.81 KB Wundowlin wattle 77
pdfAcacia splendens375.53 KB Dandaragan wattle 188
pdfAcacia subflexuosa subsp. capillata269.87 KB Hairy-stemmed zig-zag wattle 156
pdfAcacia unguicula370.4 KB Nyingarn wattle 288
pdfAcacia vassalii 478.05 KB Vassal's wattle 311
pdfAcacia volubilis290.25 KB Tangled wattle 158
pdfAcacia wilsonii715.31 KB Wilson’s wattle 329
pdfAcacia woodmaniorum631.88 KB Woodman's wattle 355
pdfAdenanthos eyrei142.66 KB Toolinna adenanthos 235
pdfAdenanthos pungens subsp. effusus261.89 KB Sprawling spiky adenanthos 221
pdfAndersonia annelsii394.32 KB   320
pdfAndersonia axilliflora399.89 KB Giant Andersonia 147
pdfAndersonia gracilis428.11 KB Slender Andersonia 228
pdfAndrocalva adenothalia (formerly Commersonia adenothalia)659.89 KB   336
pdfAnigozanthos bicolor subsp. minor262.37 KB Small two colour kangaroo paw 223
pdfBanksia anatona (formerly Dryandra anatona)529.79 KB
Butterfly-leaved gastrolobium 343
pdfBanksia brownii432.3 KB Feather-leaved Banksia 210
pdfBanksia cuneata224.92 KB Matchstick Banksia 274
pdfBanksia fuscobractea344.85 KB   285
pdfBanksia ionthocarpa subsp. chrysophoenix237.66 KB   278
pdfBanksia ionthocarpa subsp. Ionthocarpa (formerly Dryandra ionthocarpa subsp. Chrysophoenix)269.21 KB Kamballup Banksia 208
pdfBanksia montana (formerly Dryandra montana)345.16 KB Stirling Range Banksia 207
pdfBanksia mucronulata subsp. retrorsa (formerly Dryandra mucronulata subsp. retrorsa)448.78 KB Recurved-leaved swordfish Banksia 138
pdfBanksia nivea subsp. uliginosa267.88 KB Swamp honeypot 255
pdfBanksia oligantha278.22 KB Wagin Banksia 220
pdfBanksia pseudoplumosa418.15 KB False Plumed-Banksia 318
pdfBanksia squarrosa subsp. argillacea (formerly Dryandra squarrosa subsp. argillacea)342.76 KB Whicher Range Banksia 177
pdfBeyeria lepidopetala178.75 KB Small-petalled beyeria 248
pdfBoronia exilis283.98 KB Scott River boronia 173
pdfBrachyscias verecundus339.84 KB Ironstone brachyscias 174
pdfCaladenia bryceana subsp. bryceana289.19 KB Dwarf spider orchid 39
pdfCaladenia busselliana224.03 KB Bussell's spider orchid 214
pdfCaladenia caesarea subsp. maritima211.11 KB Cape spider orchid 232
pdfCaladenia drakeoides332.62 KB Hinged dragon orchid 141
pdfCaladenia elegans346.56 KB Elegant spider orchid 172
pdfCaladenia graniticola (formerly Caladenia hoffmanii subsp. graniticola)379.51 KB Granite Spider orchid 123
pdfCaladenia granitora394.64 KB Granite Spider orchid 361
pdfCaladenia huegelii388.14 KB Grand Spider orchid 272
pdfCaladenia lodgeana362.98 KB Lodge's Spider orchid 342
pdfCaladenia luteola411.06 KB Lemon Spider orchid 364
pdfCaladenia melanema166.12 KB Ballerina orchid 276
pdfCaladenia procera250.75 KB Carbanup king spider orchid 175
pdfCaladenia sp. Quindanning488.94 KB (K. Smith & P. Johns 231) Boddington Spider Orchid 332
pdfCaladenia viridescens229.36 KB Dunsborough spider orchid 213
pdfCaladenia williamsiae145.73 KB Williams' spider orchid 277
pdfCaladenia winfieldii413.39 KB Majestic spider orchid 250
pdfCalectasia cyanea147.69 KB Cape tinsel lilly 238
pdfCalochilus pruinosus615.2 KB Hopetoun Beard Orchid 337
pdfCalytrix breviseta susp. breviseta520.45 KB Swamp starflower 358
pdfChamelaucium sp. Gingin (N.G. Marchant 6) (formerly Chamelaucium lullfitzii ms)391.65 KB Gingin wax 140
pdfChordifex abortivus316.63 KB Manypeaks rush 200
pdfChorizema humile439.45 KB Prostrate flame pea 31
pdfCommersonia apella602.75 KB Many-flowered Commersonia 362
pdfCommersonia erythrogyne (formerly Rulingia sp. Trigwell Bridge (R Smith s.n. 20.6.89)) 447.43 KB Trigwell's rulingia 148
pdfConospermum densiflorum subsp. unicephalatum289.53 KB One-headed smokebush 162
pdfConospermum undulatum336.33 KB Wavy-leafed smokebush 251
pdfConostylis dielsii subsp. teres334.68 KB Irwin conostylis 191
pdfConostylis micrantha331.6 KB Small flowered conostylis 192
pdfConostylis misera301.86 KB Grass conostylis 211
pdfConostylis rogeri179.89 KB Kulin conostylis 259
pdfConostylis seorsiflora subsp. trichophylla178.9 KB Hairy mat conostylis 258
pdfConostylis setigera subsp. dasys178.9 KB Boscabel conostylis 218
pdfCryptandra congesta612.83 KB   294
pdfCyphanthera odgersii subsp. occidentalis211.51 KB Western Cyphanthera 21
pdfDarwinia apiculata186.97 KB Scarp Darwinia 257
pdfDarwinia carnea279.64 KB Mogumber Bell 268
pdfDarwinia collina240.37 KB Yellow mountain bell 201
pdfDarwinia ferricola ms303.28 KB Scott River bell 176
pdfDarwinia masonii299.62 KB Mason's Darwinia 282
pdfDarwinia oxylepis266.71 KB Scarlet mountain bell 79
pdfDarwinia whicherensis (formerly Darwinia sp. Williamson (GJ Keighery 12717))330.15 KB Abba bell 139
pdfDarwinia wittwerorum241.73 KB Wittwer's mountain bell 199
pdfDasymalla axillaris (formerly Pityrodia axillaris)374.91 KB Wooly Foxglove 284
pdfDaviesia bursarioides343.59 KB Three Springs Daviesia 163
pdfDaviesia cunderdin183.5 KB Cunderdin Daviesia 267
pdfDaviesia dielsii565.62 KB Diel's daviesia 349
pdfDaviesia euphorbioides344.26 KB Wongan cactus 70
pdfDaviesia glossosema247.69 KB Maroon-flowered Daviesia 94
pdfDaviesia megacalyx220.64 KB Large-sepaled Daviesia 209
pdfDaviesia microcarpa424.34 KB Norseman pea 234
pdfDaviesia ovata 335.16 KB   296
pdfDaviesia pseudaphylla278.24 KB Stirling Range Daviesia 96
pdfDeyeuxia drummondii289.58 KB Drummond's grass 86
pdfDiplolaena andrewsii610.35 KB Native Wild Roses 353
pdfDrakaea confluens591.89 KB Late hammer orchid 348
pdfDrakaea elastica355.97 KB Glossy-leaved hammer orchid 256
pdfDrakaea isolata268.96 KB Lonely hammer orchid 81
pdfDrummondita ericoides284.72 KB Morseby Range Drummondita 168
pdfEremophila ciliata308.97 KB   297
pdfEremophila denticulata subsp. trisulcata386.98 KB Cumquat eremophila 352
pdfEremophila koobabbiensis ms153.21 KB   233
pdfEremophila lactea233.82 KB Milky emu bush 38
pdfEremophila nivea334.51 KB Silky eremophila 101
pdfEremophila pinnatifida318.13 KB Dalwallinu eremophila 124
pdfEremophila resinosa200.86 KB Resinous eremophila 266
pdfEremophila rostrata subsp. rostrata326.52 KB Southern beaked eremophila 151
pdfEremophila rostrata subsp. trifida326.52 KB Northern beaked eremophila 151
pdfEremophila scaberula215.09 KB Rough emu bush 165
pdfEremophila subteretifolia333.25 KB Lake king eremophila 112
pdfEremophila verticillata333.67 KB Whorled eremophila 142
pdfEremophila virens273.64 KB Campion eremophila 219
pdfEremophila viscida409.21 KB Varnish bush 137
pdfEucalyptus absita288.57 KB Badgingarra box 226
pdfEucalyptus balanites311.8 KB Cadda Mallee 182
pdfEucalyptus crucis subsp. praecipua299.8 KB Paynes Find mallee 167
pdfEucalyptus cuprea291.81 KB Mallee box 43
pdfEucalyptus dolorosa269.37 KB Dandaragan mallee 164
pdfEucalyptus impensa272.06 KB Eneabba mallee 179
pdfEucalyptus leprophloia236.67 KB Scaly-butt mallee 189
pdfEucalyptus phylacis280.56 KB Meelup mallee 155
pdfEucalyptus rhodantha var. rhodantha363.29 KB Rose mallee 229
pdfFrankenia conferta176.66 KB Silky Frankenia 253
pdfFrankenia parvula252.33 KB Drummond's Frankenia 279
pdfGastrolobium appressum461.71 KB Scale-leaf Poison 356
pdfGastrolobium diabolophyllum270.75 KB Bodallin poison 292
pdfGastrolobium glaucum164.11 KB Wongan poison 265
pdfGastrolobium hamulosum319.17 KB Hook-point poison 113
pdfGastrolobium luteifolium298.18 KB Yellow-leafed gastrolobium 229
pdfGastrolobium papilio (formerly Brachysema papilo)515.73 KB
Butterfly-leaved Gastrolobium 343
pdfGoodenia integerrima327.27 KB Gypsum goodenia 136
pdfGrevillea acropogon 544.07 KB   321
pdfGrevillea althoferorum subsp. althoferorum ms363.66 KB Split-leaved Grevillea 129
pdfGrevillea althoferorum subsp. fragilis78.62 KB   308
pdfGrevillea batrachioides311.53 KB Mount Lesueur Grevillea 114
pdfGrevillea brachystylis subsp. grandis (formerly Grevillea brachystylis subsp. Busselton (GJ Keighery s.n. 28/8/1985))253.1 KB Large flowered short-styled Grevillea 120
pdfGrevillea bracteosa subsp. howatharra449.84 KB   335
pdfGrevillea calliantha499.94 KB
Foote's Grevillea 351
pdfGrevillea curviloba subsp. curviloba323.1 KB Curved-leafed Grevillea 72
pdfGrevillea curviloba subsp. incurva372.29 KB Narrow curved-leafed Grevillea 67
pdfGrevillea dryandroides subsp. dryandroides792.36 KB Phalanx Grevillea 330
pdfGrevillea dryandroides subsp. hirsuta396.39 KB Hairy phalanx Grevillea 222
pdfGrevillea elongata389.73 KB Ironstone Grevillea 131
pdfGrevillea fuscolutea264.88 KB   298
pdfGrevillea humifusa369.64 KB Spreading Grevillea 130
pdfGrevillea involucrata196.49 KB Lake Varley Grevillea 264
pdfGrevillea maccutcheonii379.57 KB McCutcheon's Grevillea 144
pdfGrevillea maxwellii277.33 KB Maxwell's Grevillea 91
pdfGrevillea murex482.46 KB  Shell-fruited Grevillea 350
pdfGrevillea phanerophlebia290.92 KB Veined-leaf Grevillea 100
pdfGrevillea pythara268 KB Pythara Grevillea 103
pdfGrevillea rara171.03 KB Rare Grevillea 252
pdfGrevillea scapigera341.89 KB Corrigin Grevillea 224
pdfDrakaea confluens591.89 KB
pdfGyrostemon reticulatus285 KB Net-veined gyrostemon 119
pdfHaloragis platycarpa127.53 KB Broad-fruited haloragis 262
pdfHemiandra gardneri320.25 KB Red snakebush 183
pdfHemiandra rutilans368.83 KB Sargent's snakebush 273
pdfHemigenia ramosissima317.86 KB Branched hemigenia 125
pdfHibbertia abyssa324.63 KB   309
pdfHybanthus cymulosus299.78 KB Ninghan violet 290
pdfHypocalymma longifolium245.67 KB Long-leaved myrtle 88
pdfIsopogon robustus197.17 KB Robust coneflower 240
pdfIsopogon uncinatus671.58 KB
Albany cone Bush 345
pdfJacksonia pungens ms251.44 KB Pungent Jacksonia 289
pdfKeraudrenia exastia326.07 KB Fringed keraudrenia  310
pdfKunzea acicularis441.05 KB   347
pdfLambertia echinata subsp. echinata493.22 KB
Prickly honeysuckle 344
pdfLambertia echinata subsp. occidentalis430.64 KB Western prickly honeysuckle 133
pdfLambertia fairallii286.37 KB Fairall's Lambertia 205
pdfLambertia orbifolia subsp. orbifolia ms347.14 KB Round-leaf honeysuckle 115
pdfLambertia orbifolia subsp. Scott River Plains403.81 KB (LW Sage 684) Scott River round-leaf honeysuckle 178
pdfLasiopetalum pterocarpum327.82 KB Wing-fruited lasiopetalum 134
pdfLatrobea colophona298.72 KB   30q
pdfLepidosperma gibsonii207.03 KB   283
pdfLeucopogon gnaphalioides740.06 KB Stirling Range beard heath 334
pdfLeucopogon marginatus281.54 KB  Thin-margined leucopogon 25
pdfLeucopogon obtectus304.33 KB Hidden beard heath 227
pdfLeucopogon spectabilis373.78 KB Ironstone beard heath 300
pdfLysiosepalum abollatum127.13 KB Woolly lysiosepalum 280
pdfMacarthuria keigheryi196.67 KB Keighery's Macarthuria 260
pdfMarianthus aquilonaris 277.27 KB Bremer Marianthus 303
pdfMarianthus paralius 477.15 KB   291
pdfMuehlenbeckia horrida subsp. abdita373.14 KB Remote thorny lignum 135
pdfMyoporum turbinatum272.54 KB Salt myoporum 186
pdfMyriophyllum lapidicola213.25 KB Chiddarcooping myriophyllum 187
pdfOrnduffia calthifolia (formerly Villarsia calthifolia)254.86 KB Mountain villarsia 169
pdfPandanus spiralis var. flammeus598.44 KB Edgar Range pandanus  313
pdfPatersonia spirifolia277.08 KB Spiral-leafed Patersonia 166
pdfPersoonia micranthera365.29 KB Small-flowered persoonia 145
pdfPetrophile latericola ms375.79 KB Laterite petrophile 93
pdfPhilotheca basistyla257.33 KB White-flowered philotheca 170
pdfPityrodia scabra229.42 KB Wyalkatchem foxglove 239
pdfPterostylis sinuata (was Pterostylis sp. Northampton (SD Hopper 3349))256.17 KB Northampton midget greenhood 171
pdfPtilotus pyramidatus613.45 KB Pyramid Mull-mulla 360
pdfRhacocarpus rehmannianus var.webbianus593.6 KB Webb’s Moss 322
pdfRhizanthella gardneri576.7 KB Underground orchid 127
pdfRicinocarpos brevis462.69 KB   312
pdfRoycea pycnophylloides251.74 KB Saltmat 231
pdfScaevola macrophylla 252.87 KB   306
pdfSchoenia filifolia subsp. subulifolia 399.2 KB Mingenew everlasting  319
pdfSphenotoma drummondii100.37 KB Mountain paper heath 98
pdfStylidium amabile422.23 KB   295
pdfStylidium coroniforme subsp. coroniforme432.53 KB Wongan triggerplant 149
pdfStylidium semaphorum 299.4 KB   307
pdfSymonanthus bancroftii212.21 KB Bancroft's symonanthus 225
pdfSynaphea quartzitica373.22 KB Quartz-loving synaphea 128
pdfSynaphea sp. Fairbridge Farm 301.36 KB (D. Papenfus 696)   236
pdfSynaphea sp. Pinjarra342.55 KB (R Davis 6578) Club-leaved synaphea 118
pdfSynaphea sp. Pinjarra Plain616.06 KB (A.S. George 17182)   363
pdfSynaphea stenoloba371.77 KB Dwellingup synaphea 62
pdfTetratheca deltoidea278.62 KB Granite tetratheca 89
pdfTetratheca paynterae subsp. paynterae344.49 KB Paynter's tetratheca 237
pdfThelymitra dedmaniarum (formerly Thelymitra manginiorum ms)549.58 KB Cinnamon sun orchid 45
pdfThomasia sp. Green Hill 323.78 KB (S. Paust 1-3122) Green Hill Thomasia 132
pdfTrithuria occidentalis701.99 KB Western trithuria 327
pdfVerticordia albida319.62 KB White featherflower 95
pdfVerticordia apecta446.49 KB Hay River featherflower 323
pdfVerticordia fimbrilepis subsp. fimbrilepis434.52 KB Southern shy featherflower  304
pdfVerticordia hughanii374.56 KB Hughan's featherflower 160
pdfVerticordia plumosa var. ananeotes205.69 KB Tufted plumed featherflower 212
pdfVerticordia plumosa var. pleiobotrya404.71 KB Narrow-petalled featherflower 143
pdfVerticordia spicata subsp. squamosa301.85 KB Scaly-leaved featherflower 49
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. cylindracea var. cylindracea296.14 KB Granite featherflower 161
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. cylindracea var. erecta353.86 KB Pine featherflower 126
pdfVerticordia staminosa subsp. staminosa283.64 KB Wongan featherflower 90
pdfWurmbea calcicola128.61 KB Naturaliste Nancy 216
pdfWurmbea tubulosa 256.89 KB Long-flowered Nancy 190
Scientific nameCommon nameIRP no.



Threatened Ecological Communities

List of approved interim recovery plans for Western Australian threatened ecological communities
pdfAcacia rostellifera low forest with scattered Eucalyptus camaldulensis on Greenough River Alluvial Flats264.09 KB 47
pdfAquatic root mat communities numbers 1-4 of caves of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge461.52 KB 281
pdfAquatic root mat communities of caves of the Swan Coastal Plain (Yanchep Caves)1.27 MB 117
pdfAssemblages of Organic Mound (Tumulus) Springs of the Swan Coastal Plain 511.01 KB 198
pdfAssemblages of Organic Mound Springs of the Three Springs Area436.92 KB 196
pdfBanksia attenuata and/or Eucalyptus marginata woodlands of the eastern side of the Swan Coastal Plain501.85 KB 328
pdfBanksia attenuata woodlands over species rich dense shrublands (SCP20a)1.28 MB 359
pdfCallitris preissii forests and woodlands959.19 KB 340
pdfCamerons Cave troglobitic community, Camerons Cave millipede and Camerons Cave pseudoscorpion245.61 KB 324
pdfCape Range remipede community (Bundera Sinkhole)527.89 KB 75
pdfClay pans of the Swan Coastal Plain1.38 MB 354
pdfCorymbia calophylla - Kingia australis woodlands on heavy soils (SCP3a)632.94 KB 315
pdfCorymbia calophylla - Xanthorrhoea preissii woodlands and shrublands (SCP3c)515.84 KB 60
pdfFerricrete floristic community (Rocky Springs type)439.67 KB 154
pdfHeath community on chert hills of the Coomberdale Floristic Region (update)690.68 KB 338
pdfHerbaceous plant assemblages on bentonite lakes486.11 KB 108
pdfLesueur-Coomallo floristic community A1.2381.09 KB 106
pdfLesueur-Coomallo floristic community D1375.8 KB 109
pdfMelaleuca huegelii – Melaleuca systena shrublands of limestone ridges (SCP26a)435.16 KB 193
pdfMontane mallee thicket community of the Stirling Range536.83 KB 195
pdfMontane thicket of the eastern Stirling Range923.1 KB 370
pdfPlant assemblages of the Billeranga System630.53 KB 71
pdfPlant assemblages of the Inering System483.93 KB 107
pdfPlant assemblages of the Koolanooka System429.79 KB 73
pdfPlant assemblages of the Moonagin System413.68 KB 105
pdfScott River ironstone association1.13 MB 339
pdfSedgelands in holocene dune swales (SCP19)749.59 KB 314
pdfShrubland Association on Southern Swan Coastal Plain ironstone (Busselton area) (SCP10b)466.29 KB 215
pdfShrublands and woodlands on Muchea limestone497.7 KB 57
pdfShrublands and woodlands on Perth to Gingin ironstone358.93 KB 197
pdfShrublands and woodlands on the eastern side of the Swan Coastal Plain (SCP20c)534.55 KB 230
pdfStromatolite community of stratified hypersaline coastal lake - Lake Thetis379.02 KB 325
pdfThrombolite (stromatolite-like microbialite) community of a coastal brackish lake (Lake Clifton)326.03 KB 153
pdfThrombolite-like microbialite community of coastal freshwater lakes (Lake Richmond)457.83 KB 122
pdfUnwooded fresh water lakes of the southern Wheatbelt of WA, dominated by Muehlenbeckia horrida subsp. abdita, and Tecticornia verrucosa across the lake floor (Lake Bryde)350.64 KB 92
Community NameIRP No.


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