How are weeds spread?

Weeds are spread by:

  • wind and water
  • domestic, feral and native animals
  • through weed-infested products such as soil and manure
  • pot plants from markets and fetes
  • purchasing seed from mail order catalogues
  • inappropriate disposal of unwanted plant material
  • people directly on their clothing, camping equipment, vehicles and machinery.

How can you help?

Weed management requires coordination among all levels of government in partnership with industry, land and water managers and the community, regardless of tenure.

You can help prevent the spread of weeds by:

  • checking all clothing, animals, vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans, camping gear and other equipment for weeds.
    • Remove all plant material and seeds and wash or brush down equipment.
    • Pay special attention to the undercarriage and tyres of vehicles.
  • bagging and disposing of garden waste responsibly.
  • asking your nursery for soil and landscaping materials that are free of weed seed.
  • choosing nursery plants that are local native species or plants of low weed risk.
  • Contact your local nursery, the Nursery and Garden Industry WA for their Grow Me Instead brochure (08 9358 4811) or refer to the Water Corporation's Waterwise Plants for Western Australia.

For more detailed information on how you can help refer to the Weeds in Australia website.