Carnaby's cockatoo
You need an Advanced Avicultural License
to keep Carnaby's black cockatoos.
Photo © Parks and Wildlife

The keeping and breeding of birds as a hobby (aviculture) is popular in Australia. Nearly all species of Australian parrots and finches can be found in aviaries. Many introduced or exotic birds are also kept by aviculturists.

Do I need a licence for my birds?

What licence is required, if at all, depends on the species and, in some cases, the numbers held.

  • Exempt
    Birds that are common both in the wild (native species) and in aviculture. They are easy to keep and breed.
  • Avicultural licence
    Relatively common and easy to keep birds. The licence fee is $10 per annum. Seniors Card holders concession is $5 per annum.
  • Advanced avicultural licence
    Birds that are the subject of illegal activities, are difficult to keep and breed and/or are uncommon or threatened in the wild. This licence also covers birds under the avicultural licence. The licence fee is $20 per annum.
  • Permit to keep declared animals (birds)
    Birds (mainly exotic) declared under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007. These are bird species not native to Western Australia, and/or are known to have the potential to be, agricultural pests. These permits are $30 per year or $40 for a three year permit. Some birds will require both an advanced avicultural licence and a declared bird permit. If you wish to apply for or renew a licence/permit, please indicate on the application form the species and numbers of birds actually held. Include only birds currently held. Do not list intended acquisitions.

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