Licences provided for under:

  • Wildlife Conservation Regulations 1970 (WC r),
  • Wildlife Conservation (Reptiles and Amphibians) Regulations 2002 (Herp r)
  • Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Regulations 2013 (BAM r)
Licence/AuthorityActivityInformation sheetsApplication formReturn form
Bird keeper licence
(WC r12)
Breed and keep Australian native birds

pdfFAQs Aviculture licences

Birds as Pets

pdfWC r12 form 

docWC r12 form

Restricted keeping permit Keep exotic birds

Birds as Pets

pdfRestricted bird licence categories

pdfImporting and keeping introduced animals

pdfState barrier animal inspections

pdfRestricted keeping permit

docRestricted keeping permit

Bird dealer licence
(WC r13)
Buy, sell and otherwise deal in birds Birds as Pets Apply online via the Wildlife Licensing System  
Import licence
(WC r19 and r20)
Bring animals into Western Australia

Birds as Pets

Bringing plants and animals into WA

pdfState barrier animal inspections

pdfWC r19 and r20 form

docWC r19 and r20 form

Export licence
(WC r18)
Take animals out of Western Australia Birds as Pets

pdfWC r18 form

docWC r18 form

Licence to take fauna for scientific purposes
(WC r17)
Take animals for scientific purposes

pdfGuidelines for completing application to undertake scientific activities

pdfLicence return data requirements

Apply online via the Wildlife Licensing System Online via the
Wildlife Licensing System
Licence to farm and breed fauna for sale and commercial display
(WC r14)
Farm or breed animals for sale and commercial display, including emus (Dromaius novaehollandia) and crocodiles (Crocodylus spp) Contact us Contact us  
Licence to take fauna for education or public purposes
(WC r15)
Take animals for relocation or
educational purposes
  Apply online via the
Wildlife Licensing System
Licence to keep fauna for educational or purposes
(WC r16)
Display animals at a nominated venue

pdfGuidelines for wildlife park display

pdfGuidelines for mobile fauna display

pdfWC r16 63.49 KB

docWC r16 177 KB

pdfWC r16 - one off display65.5 KB

docWC r16 - one off display921.5 KB

pdfWC r16 - application to acquire 58.21 KB

docxWC r16 - application to acquire135.08 KB

Reptile removal licence
(Herp r17(1))
Capture and remove from in or near any residential premises or other premises frequented by people, any herpetofauna that are likely to suffer harm if not removed from those premises and any venomous snakes or other reptiles that may be perceived to pose a threat to the safety of persons at those premises or to their pets or livestock.   Apply online via the
Wildlife Licensing System
Licence to take kangaroo for sale (WC r6) Take grey (Macropus fulinginosus) or red (M. rufus) kangaroos for sale or reward by means of a firearm pdfProfessional Kangaroo Shooter’s Licence - FAQs52.6 KB

pdfWC r6 64.99 KB

docxWC r6884.56 KB

Pet herpetofauna keeper licence
(Herp r5)
Keep any pet herpetofauna, as declared under Regulation 4(1) Reptiles and amphibians as pets

pdfHerp r5123.49 KB

docHerp r5174.5 KB

pdfAnnual Keepers Return Sample67.08 KB

pdfPet Herpetofauna Annual Keepers Return 41.61 KB

docPet Herpetofauna Annual Keepers Return269 KB

Pet herpetofauna dealer licence
(Herp r5)
To deal in pet herpetofauna Contact us Contact us  
Import herpetofauna
(Herp r5)
Take pet herpetofauna out of Western Australia Bringing plants and animals into WA

pdfHerp r5 - Import68.58 KB

docHerp r5 - Import178.5 KB

Export herpetofauna
(Herp r5)
Bring pet herpetofauna into Western Australia  

pdfHerp r5 - Export68.75 KB

docHerp r5 - Export178 KB

CALM Regulation 4 Lawful Authority
(CALM r4)
Authorises a person to undertake activities that would otherwise be unlawful under the Conservation and Land Management Regulations 2002 (eg. water, soil or rock sampling, launching or landing aircraft including drones, erecting signs, using off-road vehicles, etc)   pdfCALM r4229.38 KB