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Sandalwood licences

The Biodiversity Conservation Regulations provide new licencing arrangements -for taking, transporting, supplying, processing, dealing and exporting sandalwood. These licences will be supported by sandalwood tracking forms that will accompany the sandalwood when it is transported from the place of harvest to the processor or dealer and between processors and dealers. These ensure that the legal origin of the sandalwood can be established during transaction, inspections or compliance procedures.

More information on how to apply for a licence to harvest sandalwood from private land can be found in the fact sheet  pdfFact Sheet - Private Land Sandalwood245.51 KB

The following table specifies the new licence types, and a brief outline for each.

Until the online application system is in place, application forms are available by clicking the relevant attachment in the table. For licence types with no attachment, please contact Wildlife Licensing Section on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (08) 9219 9836. For any other information please contact Wildlife Licensing Section.

Sandlewood licences
Flora taking (sandalwood) licence Take sandalwood from private land- including cultivated/plantation sandalwood. Authorises preliminary processing in the field (ie. debarking) as well as the supply (sale) of sandalwood
Flora supplying (sandalwood) licence Supply (and possess for the purpose of supply) sandalwood taken lawfully from private property or Crown land
Flora dealing (sandalwood) licence Deal in (purchase and/or supply) sandalwood- including cultivated/plantation sandalwood
Flora processing (sandalwood) licence Processing sandalwood including cultivated/plantation sandalwood and/or operate a processing establishment
Flora exporting (sandalwood) licence Exporting flora from WA interstate (does not include direct export overseas – permit required from the Australian Government)