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Flora licences

Native flora (including flowers, seeds, whole plants, timber and firewood) is protected in Western Australia.

For information about the licences required to take, supply, process and deal in native flora, see the  pdfFact Sheet - Flora and Native Timber324.78 KB.

The following table specifies the new licence types, and a brief outline for each.

Application forms are available by clicking the relevant attachment in the table. For licence types with no attachment, please contact Wildlife Licensing Section on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (08) 9219 9000 (and select the Wildlife Licensing option).

Flora Licences
pdfRegulation 60 Flora taking (commercial purposes) Crown land licence220.36 KB
Take and supply flora from Crown land for commercial purposes
pdfRegulation 61 Flora taking (other purposes) Crown land licence259.32 KB
Take flora from Crown land for non-commercial purposes (ie. research, education, art and hobby, specimen lodgement)
pdfRegulation 62 Flora taking (biological assessment) licence272.24 KB
Take flora for inventory work (and obtain specimens for identification purposes) in the provision of environmental consulting services
pdfRegulation 63 Private land supplier’s licence277.82 KB
Supply (and possess for the purpose of supply) flora taken lawfully from private property
pdfRegulation 64 Crown land supplier’s licence209.75 KB Supply (and possess for the purpose of supply) flora taken lawfully from Crown land
pdfRegulation 4 Authority form (CALM Act lands/waters)382.02 KB

To take flora in CALM Act lands (for example national park, nature reserve)

pdfThree Monthly Return of Protected Flora form686.89 KB Form required to be completed and submitted by flora taking (commercial purposes) licence holders and Private land supplier's licence holders
Flora dealing licence

Deal in flora

*Dealing exempt under Ministerial order but requirement to keep records for 2 years from date of purchase

Flora processing licence Process flora into carved wood, craft wood, wood chips, wood dust, oil, log timber and sawn timber and/or operate a processing establishment

Biological flora surveys

A person who takes flora for inventory work conducted in the provision of environmental consulting services and obtains specimens for identification purposes associated with this work can do so under a Flora taking (biological assessment) licence.

For more information on the licence requirements, see the pdfFact Sheet for Environment Consultants262.11 KB.

Management of commercial harvesting of protected flora in Western Australia (1 July 2018 – 30 June 2023)

The harvesting of native flora in Western Australia for commercial purposes is conducted in accordance with the department’s plan, pdfManagement of commercial harvesting of protected flora in Western Australia9.37 MB.

A system of licensing, area and species-specific management, and monitoring has been developed to ensure the conservation of flora being harvested. Please note that the application forms within the document are subject to change. Please refer to the list above for the most up-to-date application forms. The plan is also recognised as an approved Wildlife Trade Management Plan  under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.