Northern quoll. Photo © Babs & Bert Wells/Parks and Wildlife

Western Australia has more than its fair share of unusual native animals, some of which are threatened.

These profiles provide information about some of these animals and ways the department is helping to protect them against feral predators and other threats.

These profiles might also help people identify species in places that were previously unknown. You can help us with this—send in a photo and a standard report form if you see any of these animals.

Note that the conservation status may have changed as species recover from their threatened status as a result of Western Shield and similar programs.



Gould's goanna - Photo © B & B Wells/DPaW



This information is provided through a collaboration between the department and Edith Cowan University's Centre for Ecosystem Management. Some maps reprinted with acknowledgement: N.L. McKenzie, A.A. Burbidge, A. Baynes and others. Clarification of text made with the assistance of A.A. Burbidge, P. Mawson, K.D. Morris, and P. Orel




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