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Warning on the use of some LucID menu options

The LucID software was designed for use in creating taxonomic keys and so some of the menu options are not relevant to the Plants for Carnaby’s Search Tool. These include the options ‘Allow Misinterpretations’, ‘Retain Uncertainties’ and using ‘Best’ mode. If these options are selected the results will not be meaningful.

To the best of our knowledge the information contained in this search tool is correct. Many fields relate to biological characteristics that are influenced by many factors and so the performance of a particular plant may vary in different circumstances.

Plants for Carnaby’s Search Tool is intended to assist the user to compile a list of species most likely to be successfully grown on a given site. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the chosen planting site has been accurately assessed to obtain the most accurate and representative site data possible prior to using the search tool.

Plants for Carnaby’s Search Tool is a decision support tool and as such, any decision based on its use remains the sole responsibility of the user. It is recommended that selected species are researched prior to planting and that the use of the tool accompanies a management or restoration plan for the area to maximise chances of success.