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The Plants for Carnaby's Search Tool has four windows on the main page.

In the top left window (called "Features available") there is a list of all the characteristics you can choose to select your species. Click on the + symbols to expand (or - to contract) the different sections to see the various options available. Then you simply click on the box next to the feature you wish to select.

For some features there is an image or help text to assist you select the option relevant to your situation. Just click on the icon next to some features to open a separate window with the help text or image (e.g. rainfall zone map).
It is recommended that you begin by exploring the characteristics available and deciding which ones will be of most use in your situation.

The bottom left window (called "Features chosen") summarises which features you have selected in the "Features available" window. This helps you keep track of your selections, but can also be used as a description of the features of your site, which you can then take to a nursery for further advice.

The top right window (called "Entities remaining") shows the species that match the features selected in the "Features available" window. This will be your list of species to plant at your site.

The more features you choose, the less you will see in this window. Be careful in the number of features you select, as you will quickly eliminate everything from this window if you are too selective. However, if you select more than one option (also called a ‘state') within a feature, this will increase the number of species that match your criteria. For example selecting the flower colour of yellow only will result in fewer species that if a flower colour of blue was also selected. This is because you have now added species with blue flowers to the list of species with yellow flowers.

Also, selecting multiple options for some features may be desired where the options are graded. For example, you might want to select high and medium priority species for planting as a food source for Carnaby's and exclude only the low priority species. This will result in a planting list that is as extensive as possible but has eliminated only occasionally used food sources.

In this window you will also see a fact sheet icon next to most species. Click on this to open a profile from FloraBase for that species. Some species will also have a picture icon and clicking on this will open a window for you to browse photos of that species.

The bottom right window (called "Entities discarded") shows species that do not fit the features you have chosen in the "Features available" window.

By selecting and unselecting features you will see species appear and disappear from this window helping you understand the characteristics of individual species. This is particularly useful for features under the "Find out about..." headings. For example, you might want to know which plants that meet your description (as selected under the "Describe..." headings) will be easy to source and which ones will be hard. You can do this by checking and unchecking the relevant boxes.

To help you navigate around the search tool the screenshot below has some useful features labeled. The example shows plants used by Carnaby's black-cockatoo for nesting where the average annual rainfall is 500mm.


Graphic: Shows Carnabys Seach Tool in use with descriptiopns