Ningaloo Marine Park coastal strip

Photo – Aerial view over the Ningaloo Marine Park coastal strip to the southern end of Cape Range. Photo - DBCA

Jointly prepared with the Gnulli Native Title claimants, the draft joint management plan covers existing and proposed coastal conservation and recreation reserves along the Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) Coast. This includes the terrestrial portion of Ningaloo Marine Park (a reserve 40m landward of high water mark from Amherst Point to just north of Winderabandi Point) and unallocated Crown land between the Ningaloo Marine Park and the adjoining Quobba, Gnaraloo, Warroora, Cardabia and Bullara pastoral stations.

The draft joint management plan is now closed.
Download the Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) coastal reserves  draft joint management plan 2019

Management plan information and submissions