Buccaneer Archipelago and surrounds

Top left: Kooljaman. Photo – Michael Higgins/DBCA. Top right: Waddaddam (Coppermine Creek). Photo – Liz Vaughan/Francis Woolagoodja/DAC. Bottom left: Doongarra (Margaret Island). Photo – Roanna Goater/DBCA.Bottom right: Iwany (Sunday Island). Photo – Roanna Goater/DBCA. 


The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is working with Bardi, Jawi, Mayala and Dambeemangarddee (formally spelt Dambimangari) traditional owners to create three new marine parks in the Buccaneer Archipelago; the Bardi Jawi, Mayala and Maiyalam marine parks. The proposed marine parks are being established under the Government’s Plan for Our Parks initiative to expand the conservation estate by five million hectares in five years. Once created the marine parks will contribute 660,000 hectares to Western Australia’s marine reserve network. In recognition of the significant cultural values and ongoing connections to sea country, the marine parks are proposed to be jointly managed and jointly vested with traditional owners.