Aerial view of the park and Collie River from the Elbow

The creation of two regional parks (Preston River to Ocean Regional Park and Leschenault Regional Park) was an election commitment of the State Government and is a part of Plan for Our Parks . The Regional Park Community Advisory Committee has recommended that the two parks be amalgamated into one regional park, which the Kalgulup Regional Park Draft Management Plan 2020 has adopted.

The Community Advisory Committee also recommended the identification of a Noongar name for the regional park. DBCA has undertaken consultation with representatives from the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title Working Group who have identified Kalgulup Regional Park as a name for the park, with ‘kalgulup’ meaning ‘place of fire’ or ‘place of burning campfires’ in Noongar language.

The plan provides guidance for the management of 295 reserves and parcels of land located north and east of Bunbury along the foreshores of the Leschenault Estuary and Inlet and the Preston, Collie and Brunswick rivers, including the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, and south of Bunbury from Preston River to the Ocean. The 3,100 hectare proposed regional park consists of lands managed by a range of land managers including state government agencies (DBCA, Department of Communities, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Water Corporation and Western Australian Planning Commission), local governments (City of Bunbury and the Shires of Capel, Dardanup and Harvey) and private landholders.

The draft management plan is now closed for public comment.
Kalulup Regional Park Draft Management Plan 2020 cover

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