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Fitzgerald River National Park Road Condition update – 29 September 2017

This is the current status of roads and tracks in the Fitzgerald River National Park.

Hamersley Drive (unsealed) 2WD CLOSED Ravensthorpe Shire has opened the temporary road across the Culham Inlet. National Park access to and from Hopetoun is now open.

There is no access to Four Mile Beach due to storm damage to the steps.

Hamersley Beach/Dune Track high clearance 4WD access OPEN high clearance 4WD required. Reduce tyre pressure when driving on sand.

Moir Track 4WD access CLOSED due to wet soil conditions and trees blocking track.

Pitchie Ritchie 4WD access CLOSED due to wet soil conditions.

Quoin Head high clearance 4WD access CLOSED due to wet soil conditions.

Quaalup/Gairdner Road 2WD access OPEN. Quaalup Homestead is open. Phone (08) 9837 4124.

Point Ann Road 2WD access is OPEN Camping is available at St Marys campsite.

Pabelup Drive (north) 2WD access is OPEN Camping is available at St Marys campsite.

Hakea Walk Trail 2WD access is  OPEN No access to the Quoin Head trail head due to track closure.

Mamang Walk Trail 2WD access is  OPEN Take sufficient supplies of drinking water with you, for the walk.

NOTE: The status of these roads could change at short notice or during your visit, after rain. As the website and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions APP is updated during working hours only, please confirm park status with local Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions staff in the areas that you are intending to visit. Please also be aware of Fitzgerald River National Park Status signs located on roads leading to major park entrances.

Help reduce the spread of dieback disease in the park; wash mud from your vehicle before leaving home and where possible avoid wet areas on the roads (without leaving the road).

Caravans not permitted on unsealed roads, due to roads are, narrow and may be corrugated.

For further information please phone the East Mt. Barren Ranger Station 0428 383 060, Jacup Ranger Station on (08) 9835 5043, or Parks and Wildlife Ravensthorpe office (08) 9838 1967.

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*Disclaimer: all locations are approximate indicators only. The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) is not responsible for the content and/or accuracy of Google maps. Not all roads shown on this map are maintained, and are subject to closures.