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Unsealed roads and tracks conditions within the Esperance District - 11th August 2017

The Parks and Wildlife Service wishes to advice of the following updates regards road conditions and recreations site status.

Cape Le Grand National Park

All sealed roads   in CLGNP are open and safe to use.

  • Unsealed roads and tracks within the national park may be affected by standing water and should continue to be used with caution following recent rains in the area.

Cape Arid National Park/Nuytsland Nature Reserve

These sites/roads/tracks within the greater Cape Arid National Park area are open:

Tagon Road including access to Yokinup Beach

  • Thomas River campsites
  • Dolphin Cove Access
  • Tagon Beach Access
  •   Poison Creek Road through to Poison Creek
  •   Seal Creek Campsite

The following tracks  remain closed:

Thomas Fishery Track to Thomas Fishery Camp

  • Seal Creek Beach access
  • Pasley Track
  • Telegraph Track to Point Malcolm

The Department advises the following tracks are likely to have wet and or boggy sections and recommend non-essential travel be deferred until these tracks have dried out further:

  • Fisheries / Israelite Bay Track
  • Point Malcolm Track
  • Gora Track
  • Balladonia Track to Mt Ragged

•   Access onto Yokinup Bay

Esperance Lakes – Woody Lake Nature Reserve

The following are open:

Lake Wheatfield access

  • Woody Lake and Lake Windabout access 

Stokes National Park Area

These sites within the greater Stokes area that is open:

  Stokes Inlet –Benwenerup Campsite and Stokes Inlet Day Use

  • Skippy Rock Campsite
  • Pincer Point
  • Fanny Cove

The following are closed:

      ·      Young River Track

·        Margaret Cove (Margaret Cove)

The Department advises the following tracks are likely to be impassable and recommend no vehicular access until these tracks have dried out and access has be restored:

  • Warrenup access and associated sites track via Crisps Road
  • Barkers Inlet Track

•   Sites west of Pincer Point to Munglinup Beach    

To Note Overall:

Access to Peak Charles National Park and Mt Ragged in Cape Arid National Park is likely to be affected by recent rains in these areas and Parks and Wildlife advises for those planning to travel to these areas, that they reconsider travel plans as the access roads and tracks, (Peak Charles, Balladonia, Gora and Israelite Bay) are likely to have wet and impassable sections along these tracks for some time to come.

Other tracks and roads may be closed without notice as conditions can change quickly over spring.

Parks and Wildlife urges the public check on road conditions and be mindful of the current conditions and if in doubt check with the Esperance Tourist Bureau, Esperance Shire or Parks and Wildlife Esperance for any updates on road conditions before undertaking any trips on unsealed roads within the area.

Additional information

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*Disclaimer: all locations are approximate indicators only. The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) is not responsible for the content and/or accuracy of Google maps. Not all roads shown on this map are maintained, and are subject to closures.