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Active Prescribed Burns
For burns that may be lit today, view the Active prescribed burns page.
Bushfire, Smoke and Park Closures Due to Bushfires can be viewed at Emergency WA.

Map 2 - Jarrahdale to Nanga

With easy access to Perth this picturesque section of Trail offers some steep and challenging sections. As well as passing through magnificent Lane Poole Reserve with its swimming, camping and canoeing opportunities, the Trail also takes cyclists through the historic timber towns of Jarrahdale and Dwellingup.

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 Perth Hills District
P:(08) 9290 6100
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24 November 2017

Permanent realignment - N of Dandalup - map 2a

The Munda Biddi Trail has been permanently realigned for 4km.

A downloadable map is available under Diversion/realignments below.

For more information contact the Parks and Wildlife Service on (08) 9290 6100.

3 April 2017

Permanent realignment - Dwellingup - map 2b

The Munda Biddi Trail has been permanently realigned for 350m.

A downloadable map is available under Diversion/realignments below.

For more information contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife Mundaring on (08) 9290 6100.

Map 1b/2a - timber harvesting diversion - E of Jarrahdale

The Munda Biddi Trail is closed for approximately 2.3km while timber harvesting is undertaken. A 1.3km diversion along Balmoral Road is in operation as shown in green on the map.

A downloadable map is available in the Diversion/realignment maps section below.

The original alignment will remain closed until declared safe. For your safety remain on the marked diversion, adhere to all signage and directions from staff. Cyclists should be aware of trucks and other forestry vehicles while in the area.

For more information contact either the Forest Products Commission on (08) 9363 4600 or the Department of Parks and Wildlife Mundaring on (08) 9290 6100.

Map 2 - Jarrahdale to Nanga Donna Powell
Jarrahdale to Nanga
Munda Biddi Trail Foundation

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Riders are advised to check the forecast prior to their departure. Plan your rides for cooler periods of the year, avoiding the hot summer months. If any severe weather warnings have been issued, Parks and Wildlife recommends staying off the Trail until the severe weather has passed. Risks include falling branches and flooding. Expect logs and flooding across the Trail for some time afterwards.

Fire safety

Before commencing a ride check the fire danger rating. It is not recommended to ride on days of very high fire danger rating or above due to the risk of bushfire. Parks and Wildlife may close trails and parks on such days.


Seasonal campfire restrictions and prohibitions apply which will be noted in the Warnings section above. Use fuel stoves for cooking.

Prescribed Burns

Parks and Wildlife conducts a year-round program of prescribed burning. These burns are undertaken primarily for property protection, fuel reduction and biodiversity management.

These burns are carefully planned however they may cause some disruption to walkers. Where prescribed burns impact on the Trail, closures and diversions are implemented to ensure the safety of riders, including temporary camp sites where necessary. These will remain in place until the original Trail alignment has been declared safe.

For your safety follow all signs, diversions and instructions from Parks and Wildlife staff and other emergency personnel.

Prescribed burns are dependent on appropriate weather conditions and, as such, burning dates are not available in advance.

During 2017/2018 the following prescribed burns may directly affect the Trail with closures/diversions in place. Smoke may be seen from the Trail from other nearby prescribed burns that may indirectly impact the Trail.

MapLocationBurn ID
1b/2a Jarrahdale Townsite PHS_106
2a S of Jarrahdale PHS_050
2a SW of Jarrahdale PHS_125
2b N of Dwellingup PHS_047
2b Dwellingup PHS_042
2b NW of Dwellingup PHS_101
2b S of Dwellingup PHS_051
2b SE of Dwellingup PHS_062

Prescribed burns that may be lit today are shown here.
For more information on prescribed burning click here.

Water Supply

Water tanks are provided at camp sites but these are rain-fed and it is not possible to guarantee the amount or quality of the water available. It is essential that riders keep an emergency supply of drinking water as back-up and use available water sparingly.

All water should be treated before drinking by boiling for at least one minute, mechanical filtration or chemical treatment.

Vehicles on the Trail

The Trail uses many existing gravel and bitumen roads and vehicle tracks that are open to the motoring public. Cyclists are reminded that normal traffic rules apply. Please be aware of other vehicles at all times and always exercise caution.

Vehicle Access and Supply Drop Locations

Riders are reminded that recommended vehicle access points to the Trail are marked on the maps as red car symbols. These vehicle access points are recommended as they have been assessed for safety/visibility and space to pull over. Riders are permitted to access the Trail at other points as long as they obey road rules and do not enter Disease Risk Areas.

Groups on the Trail

Parks and Wildlife recommends cyclists check the Groups on the Trail section below to see if any groups have advised us of their intention to stay overnight at any Munda Biddi Trail camp sites.

Any non-commercial groups of cyclists with eight or more members, that are staying overnight at Munda Biddi Trail camp sites, are requested to complete a Notification of Intent (NOI) form. They can be obtained by pdfdownloading the form here326.65 KB, phoning the Recreation and Trails Unit on (08) 9219 8265 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This form must be submitted one month prior to the expedition. Commercial groups should click here.

Information about existing group notifications, such as dates and numbers, can be viewed below. Group size is set at a maximum of 17 participants, including leaders. This number has been set to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Track, camp sites, facilities and the surrounding environment. Groups should not occupy the shelter until after 6pm as a courtesy to other users. All group members need to carry tents. 

Camp sites on the Munda Biddi Trail cannot be booked. NOI information assists other riders with their planning and it helps manage and record group usage.

* Group Size - letters in brackets are for office use only.

Camp siteDateGroup size
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