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Active Prescribed Burns
For burns that may be lit today, view the Active prescribed burns page.
Bushfire, Smoke and Park Closures Due to Bushfires can be viewed at Emergency WA.
Munda Biddi Trail conditions and updates

Munda Biddi Trail conditions and updates

Information below is updated during business hours. More up-to-date information is available from the Parks and Wildlife office closest to the area you are planning to visit.

Occasionally temporary Trail closures are necessary due to maintenance projects, prescribed burns, bushfires or severe weather. If part of the Trail is closed, a diversion may be marked and signage placed at either end. Check the current conditions in the area you are riding by clicking the relevant map below.

Between December and April campfire restrictions and prohibitions apply. Fires are never permitted at the on-Trail camp sites but check at individual off-Trail camp sites.

To keep yourself safe during this bushfire season:

  • Plan your rides for cooler periods of the year, avoiding the hot summer months.
  • Check the Fire Danger Rating and don’t go riding if the forecast is Very High or above - leave the Trail during multi-day rides.
  • Avoid riding remoter sections of the Trail where there is limited vehicle access for evacuation in the event of a bushfire.
  • Abide by all Trail closure signage, and any instructions from Parks and Wildlife and other emergency staff.

Check these websites when planning your rides:

The EmergencyAus app for Apple and Android provides up-to-date fire information.

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