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Algae continuing to impact Swan and Canning rivers

An alert currently remains in place for the lower Canning near Castledare (Wilson). Elevated levels of toxin-producing microalgae have been detected in the area and these present a potential health risk to anyone consuming wild shellfish. The Department of Health advises members of the public not to eat wild shellfish from uncontrolled waters such as the Swan Canning Riverpark at any time. Shellfish include mussels, clams and scallops, but not crabs and prawns. Further health advice may be obtained by calling the Department of Health on 9388 4999.

A bloom of a ‘nuisance’ dinoflagellate algae is causing the Swan River between Rivervale and Maylands to appear an unusual orange-brown colour. Although this bloom does not present a risk to human health, Department of Health advice is to avoid swimming in water that is murky, discoloured or smells unpleasant. 

The public is reminded that the Department of Health’s Tips for Healthy Swimming in environmental waters includes advice to avoid swimming after heavy rainfall as increased levels of harmful bacteria can be expected.

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