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Give way to ducklings

Ducklings spotted at a Perth lake
Ducklings spotted at a Perth lake Matt Swan, Parks and Wildlife

Spring has sprung in Perth with ducklings starting to emerge from their nests in search of the nearest wetland, prompting a reminder from the Department of Parks and Wildlife for people to exercise caution on roads near water bodies.

Wildlife officer Emma Lipianin said ducks often nested in tree hollows a considerable distance away from the water and once their young hatched, mothers had a long journey ahead of them to bring their ducklings to the nearest wetland.

“This often results in the ducklings attempting to cross roads and cycle paths as they try to get to their destination,” she said.

“Ducks on the move have been known to bring major highways and even the Mitchell Freeway to a halt, so we ask motorists and cyclists to try and avoid them without endangering themselves or other road users,” she said.

“While the sight of fluffy ducklings waddling along after their mother is one of nature’s great displays, it can also be a major hazard.

“It is best that they are not disturbed while in such a vulnerable state, so we encourage people not to approach them, feed them or interfere with them in any way.”

To report sick or injured wildlife, call the department’s Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.


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