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Illegal parking clampdown at Matilda Bay Reserve

Illegal parking at Matilda Bay Nature Reserve
Illegal parking at Matilda Bay Nature Reserve Department of Parks and Wildlife

The Department of Parks and Wildlife recently conducted a successful operation targeting illegally parked vehicles at the Matilda Bay Reserve car park in Crawley.

Swan Regional Manager Stefan de Haan said a total of 69 infringements were issued to drivers of vehicles parked illegally at the site on Thursday 29 May, with the majority issued to students from the University of Western Australia.

“As well as being illegal, the irresponsible actions of these drivers are putting other users of the Matilda Bay Reserve at risk,” Mr de Haan said.

“We are very disappointed with the disregard shown to other reserve users by these drivers who are parking their vehicles in a dangerous and inconsiderate manner.

“Some of these vehicles have blocked access to parts of the reserve which would prevent emergency services vehicles from entering in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

“When approached, the behaviour of some of these drivers towards departmental staff has been disgraceful, with our officers subjected to verbal and physical abuse while trying to do their job.

“As the potential leaders of tomorrow, it is very disappointing to see university students failing to consider the welfare of others and treating our staff in such a disrespectful manner.”

As well as parking in areas which are clearly marked as no parking zones, students are also leaving their vehicles in 12 long bays dedicated for boat trailer parking.

“Parks and Wildlife will continue to conduct regular operations to address illegal parking at this site,” Mr de Haan said.

“We are asking people to park legally in accordance with the regulations in marked bays only.”

Departmental officers have issued 244 notices for parking and related offences over the past three years at the Matilda Bay Reserve car park.

The Matilda Bay Reserve is vested with the Conservation Commission of Western Australia and is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.


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