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Sperm whale head successfully removed from Perth beach

Photos: The sperm whale head being removed from the beach using heavy machinery
Photos: The sperm whale head being removed from the beach using heavy machinery Parks and Wildlife

The Department of Parks and Wildlife has successfully removed the 3m head of a sperm whale carcass found on a beach yesterday in Sorrento in Perth’s northern suburbs.

Parks and Wildlife Senior Marine Ranger Vaughn Chapple said heavy machinery had been used to remove the head, which weighed around five tonnes and was in an area that was difficult to access.

“It was a complex and challenging operation due to the location as the whale head had to be moved by excavator up a 15m long 40 degree embankment,” he said.

“Overall since the removal operation began this morning, it has taken five hours to remove the whale head, which is generally a third of the size of the entire whale’s body.”

Mr Chapple said each marine incident along Western Australia’s coast presented different logistical challenges.

“The success of this operation is due to the collaborative efforts of the City of Joondalup, Surf Life Saving WA and Capital Recycling, which has provided the heavy machinery, along with the cooperation of the community,” he said.

The sperm whale head has now been disposed of at an approved refuse site.

Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) are the largest of the toothed whales and can grow to more than 18m long and weigh up to 90 tonnes. They are commonly found in ocean waters from the equator to the North and South poles. They are the longest and deepest divers of all whales and dolphins.


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