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Large beaked whale close to Perth beaches

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is monitoring a five metre beaked whale that has been seen swimming along Perth shores over the past week.

Senior marine wildlife officer Doug Coughran believed the behaviour of the animal was consistent with a gray’s beaked whale, which was rarely seen so close to Perth shores.

“The whale has been sighted just 20m offshore between Cottesloe and Fremantle beaches for several days,” Mr Coughran said.

“While it is difficult to know for certain why the whale is coming into shallower waters, it is possible that it is due to illness and we will continue to monitor the situation but we will not intervene unless it comes ashore.

“Obviously we understand the curiosity beachgoers may have to get close to the animal however we would like to remind the public that they should maintain a safe distance of 30m at all times in the water to ensure the whale’s wellbeing is not compromised.”

To report any sick or injured animals, please contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife's Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

Media contact: Parks and Wildlife Media 9219 9999